Reign, S3 E7- The Hound and the Hare

Reign S3E07- "The Hound and the Hare"

Francis (Toby Regbo) has been gone for two episodes now; how is everyone doing? I’m actually doing better than I thought I was going to be, although I could do with some more independent Mary. But I’ll go into more detail with that in a bit.

Reign S3E07- "The Hound and the Hare"

Don Carlos will see you now, Mary

In order for Scotland to survive among the nations, Mary needs to marry a Prince/King of fairly high stature. Enter: Don Carlos of Spain. He’s perfect! An alliance with Spain would help Mary’s reign over Scotland and England, plus he’s handsome and polite to boot. But there’s a catch. He insists on playing a courting game called: “The Hound and the Hare”. It’s just like it sounds: men (hounds) chase their women (hares) throughout the woods. Don Carlos’ version is a bit different, though. Mary is the hound to his hare. I appreciate the role change; Mary finds the whole idea uncomfortable. She’s now even re-contemplating courting with him to begin with. When she explains the game to Catherine (who is her new BFF and I am all for it!), she scoffs at her hesitation. Do what you gotta do, girl!

Reign S3E07- "The Hound and the Hare"

Greer Norwood, the killer’s latest victim?

Meanwhile, a killer is still on the loose. Delphine and Bash are on the case! The raging killer that has been mentioned in episodes prior is on the hunt again. This time, Delphine manages to connect that the killer will strike in town. Funnily enough, Greer’s tavern is right in front of where Delphine suspects the killer will be. Coincidence, perhaps? Will Greer be the killer’s next victim? To prepare for the worst, Bash, Delphine, Greer, and others all concoct a stakeout of sorts to prepare for the killer’s arrival.

One of the people in attendance just so happens to be Leith. Cue a sweet ‘Greith’ moment. The two discuss their current lives apart from each other. Greer absolutely adores her madame duties at the tavern. She’s her own boss and an independent woman to boot. Leith, ever the gentlemen, tries to not spill about his new relationship with Claude. But Greer spots her pin on his cape and it’s unavoidable. She’s fine with it; they’re over after all. Plus, Greer has more important things on her mind. Like being a potential murderer victim and having a bun in the oven? What?! It’s true, the father being Pirate Martin. Well, they’re going to have a lot to talk about come his return. Greer and her ladies are perfectly fine throughout the night. It isn’t until Greer goes to investigate a strange noise outside does she get attacked (only by a drunk). Delphine encounters the actual murderer. She was the victim she was envisioning this whole time, not Greer. Just from the mere touch, all of his rage and emotions are instilled into her. This isn’t good for Bash, who she nearly maims. Looks like the murderer lives to see another episode.

Giving Catherine’s advice some thought, Mary decides to participate in Don Carlos’ “The Hound and the Hare” game. In fact, ladies and gentlemen throughout the entire court partake in it as well. Alas, the game is short-lived for Mary, who hurts her ankle on some rocks. Who’s there to aid in her rescue? Gideon Blackburn. He takes her back to the castle, while Don Carlos spends the majority of his day thinking Mary will track him down in the woods. Gideon warns Mary of Don’s reputation. There’s a reason he had to leave Austria, after all. This reminds her of his luggage Mary has now stored in the wine cellar below. Before she can see for herself, Don catches her in the act. Not only is he furious that he waited for hours in the woods, but that luggage is very precious cargo to him. The contents could change Mary’s opinion of him.

Reign S3E07- "The Hound and the Hare"

France’s Regent: Narcisse?

Naturally, this only makes Mary more curious. It’s what Don explains as a ‘sex horse’. Yes, Don Carlos is a fan of BDSM. He has been trying to find a partner that would be willing to punish him, but sadly: no one. Mary isn’t quite comfortable with the idea herself. But this is for Scotland, she reminds herself. She asks for a trial run with him and the machine, to which he gladly accepts and is blindfolded. Little does he know that Catherine is going to be the one doing the ‘punishing’. Suddenly, he questions Mary’s acts and notices someone else is with him. At this point, Don Carlos is completely freaked. Someone is now in on his deepest darkest secret! He could be shunned out of Spain and who knows where else. Panicking, he tries to flee but falls from the sex horse contraption, impaling his head. From the looks of it, he’s dead at the scene. Death by sex horse; now we’ve seen it all!

Not only does Catherine have Don Carlos’ death on her hands, important regent news has surfaced. Evidence has been found that Francis’ death might have involved poison. Who do we know who is an expert at poisoning anyone? Catherine. She is no longer in the running for regent, and Narcisse gladly takes in her place.

At the end of this mid-season finale of Reign we’re left wondering about Francis’ real cause of death. And what on earth Mary and Catherine are going to do, with a death on their hands. Why, run, of course.

Reign returns tonight (Friday January 8th), 3.08: “Our Undoing” at 8/7c on the CW. The trailer can be viewed below.

Lola visiting Elizabeth? And are the writers finally listening to me about that Catherine and Mary’s spin-off idea? (I kid).

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