Galavant, S2 Ep2 – World’s Best Kiss

“I prefer a keg of beer.”

The second episode of Galavant explores the new dynamics between characters, shows a long-awaited reunion (of sorts) between Gal and Izzy, but also ends with a heartbreaking misunderstanding.

Galavant has always played with fairy tale conventions and in this episode, it was refreshing to see the show’s own take on the first kiss of true love. Both Galavant and Isabella first launch into a moving song about the first time they kissed but as the song progresses, they realize that the kiss they initially remembered to be so wonderful was actually not that great. This is an effective way of acknowledging the way lovers tend to romanticize moments like these, especially when they are far away from each other, and then realize, too late, that their memories and perceptions were not as ideal as they believed.

Galavant, S2 Ep2 - World's Best KissGranted, Galavant and Isabella’s relationship had developed gradually and they did not immediately fall for each other. They spent a lot of time together in season one and learned much about the other. They’ve also seen each other at their worst, so there was never going to be a chance of “love at first sight.”

While the scenes at the Faire were hilarious (especially with Richard being pursued by that unicorn,) they were sometimes too ridiculous. To the show’s credit, this proves how willing the writers are to push the envelope, even though sometimes their weird choices don’t always take off. The whole “brown cow” gag was a little too much. But the “long distance communication device” of the old fortuneteller (a hilarious guest star, Simon Callow), was effective in finally having Gal and Isabella reach out to each other, only to end in a painful misunderstanding because wi-fi signals in medieval musical shows are not as stable as we would like.

Isabella’s walking back into her cell was rough to witness, because seeing such a proactive character so down is always uncomfortable. Hopefully, she still fights for her freedom even without the prospect of Galavant coming for her. And hopefully, they sort things out between them soon.

It was fun to see more of the Jester and of the Cook/Chef, particularly with all the jokes about Isabella’s amulet, which neither he nor the audience has ever seen her wear but which she insists she always has. Another clever bit of writing that acknowledges the amulet’s status as convenient plot device.

Galavant, S2 Ep2 - World's Best KissThe episode also sold us more on the growing friendship between Galavant and Richard, despite their complicated history. They showed genuine support for each other in their moments of doubt and despair. Galavant became more sympathetic to Richard and the latter even pledged to help his new friend build an army.

Richard’s sadness at learning about Gareth’s betrayal was touching and his glee at being referred to as Galavant’s friend only shows how few real friends he has had in his life, despite being rich and powerful. But there was a great moment when he pulled the sword from the stump (Arthurian reference!)

Another intriguing character pairing explored in this episode was the ongoing rivalry/power play between Gareth and Magdalena. Sid’s attempts to get them to find some common ground worked but eventually turned against him, poor Sid. But the song they performed to illustrate the vast differences in their tastes was a delight, particularly when Gareth kept singing “beer.”

Galavant, S2 Ep2 - World's Best KissI’m glad the writers didn’t go for the exasperating route of having them fall for each other but instead, the show has them developing a reluctant mutual respect, or at least, tolerance. They find out that they share an annoyance with Sid and a penchant for tossing peasants out the castle windows. They are turning out to be quite the power couple, a real force to be reckoned with, and I pity all the hapless peasants left to suffer their joint reign of terror.

The episode ends with Galavant and Richard finding the spot where Richard’s castle used to be (in a cheeky Robin Hood: Men in Tights reference, which we all expected from this show.) Looks like our heroes will be encountering more complications than they anticipated. But luckily, we still have 8 more musical episodes to watch them on their journey.

“Far from the world’s best kiss
Still I can tell you this
It was kiss I won’t forget.”

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