Galavant, S2 Ep1 – A New Season a.k.a. Suck it, Cancellation Bear

“It’s a new season and there’s change on the way…”

Galavant is back! The wacky, imaginative medieval fantasy musical show does not disappoint during its second season premiere, proving once again that there is no show like this on television.

This busy first episode featured a fantastically staged and hilariously catchy opening number where we watched the members of the main cast discuss their current situations, as well as their plans for the near future (or at least, the rest of the season.) The song, aptly titled “A New Season,” also had a lot of meta undertones, referring to the show’s low ratings and the other programs on television that will no doubt be competing with Galavant and his new quest. This opening number was released early, so that fans of the show would already be able to sing along when it aired during the episode.

Galavant, S2 Ep1 - A New SeasonThe pair of unlikely buddies, Galavant and King Richard, found themselves shipwrecked (Thanks, Richard!) and wandering around Richard’s land. This is a fun new dynamic to explore this season, since the characters have all been thrown into a blender and left with unique combinations. Enemies have become allies or at least reluctant companions, and servants remain servants but to different masters. And already the chemistry between Galavant and Richard is palpable and it will be fun to join them both on this new journey.

They stumble upon The Enchanted Forest and before I could freak out over an unexpected Once Upon a Time crossover, the Enchanted Forest turned out to be a pub. And not just any old pub. But the gayest pub in all the realms! And the queen/owner of this establishment turned out to be Kylie Minogue herself.

Galavant, S2 Ep1 - A New SeasonKylie performed a lively and racy musical number as she basically roped Galavant into indentured servitude because he was the most effective shirtless bartender the pub had ever had. And it was refreshing to see Galavant not reacting negatively to being surrounded by flamboyant gay men other than being annoyed that he was being delayed from rescuing Isabella.

While it was still disturbing to watch Isabella remain imprisoned in her cousin’s palace, it was good to see her being proactive about escaping, even though none of her efforts bore fruit. I’m fairly certain that being the intrepid and resourceful lady that she is, Isabella will not remain imprisoned for long, especially since she manages to get a key.

The joint reign of Gareth and Magdalena was also fun to watch, as surely some tension was boiling between them. Gareth asking Sid for help was also a fun bit of character interaction that we would not have seen last season.

There were also couple of cute Game of Thrones references that fans of the genre will love and appreciate (the Cook knows his priorities for the long winter, just saying.)

Galavant, S2 Ep1 - A New SeasonHaving caught up with the main cast during the awesome opening number, we are now ready to join them on their next adventure. Like last season, Galavant is on a quest to rescue his true love, but the new and exciting combination of familiar fairy tale elements as well as different character groupings (Sid, Magdalena, and Gareth; Isabella, Jester, Cook, and Gwynn) will make sure that the next 9 episodes will be as inventive and as musical as ever.

The season 2 premiere of Galavant was fun, fantastic, and flamboyant as ever with hilariously elaborate musical numbers, solid performances, and an exciting new adventure. And we’re lucky that we get to watch the second episode right after this one.

“It’s a new season, there’s so much to be done
A new season and it’s only begun
A new season…..YEAH!”

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