iZombie, S2 E9- Cape Town

iZombie S2E9- "Cape Town"
iZombie S2E9- "Cape Town"

Seattle’s newest superhero: Super Dead (one of the many names by Ravi Chakrabarti)

‘Twas the mid-season finale of iZombie. Not a person was hurt, thanks to ‘The Fog’. When he takes a blunder, it’s his brain Liv’s under. Zombie superhero, anyone?

With my attempt at writing a iZombie-fied Christmas story opening out of the way, let’s get on with the recap.

Now Bring Us Some Superhero Brain! (We won’t go until we get some): It may be the holiday season, but that doesn’t slow down our vigilante superhero, The Fog. High school shop teacher by day and heroic figure by night, The Fog makes sure that the Seattle streets are safe. But unlike Liv, he doesn’t have zombie capabilities (full-on zombie mode, visions, etc.). So when a “damsel in distress” (actually a major criminal) impales him, he’s down for the count. Now his brain is in Liv’s hands. A brain coursing with the need for justice, a spandex suit, and a killer superhero name? Ravi, your holiday gift has arrived! It’s rather adorable how excited he gets, what with how he tries to pick out Liv’s superhero name and everything. Fun antics aside, Liv and Clive have to figure out what Mr. Boss has done that had ‘The Fog’ so involved. The pair contact Seattle’s other superhero vigilantes (“All you have to do to summon Hashtag is to hashtag Hashtag.”), but all they know is that the Boss’ henchmen have some serious ammo ready for something. No way are they going to engage with actual crime, though. “I’m sorry, I work at a cold pressed juicery during the day. I’m not taking on a crime lord,” says one of the superheroes (let’s just call him Blaine Anderson’s ‘Nightbird‘, cause you know he’d totally be a part of this). After various visions and learning of the Boss’ warehouse location, it’s up to superhero Liv to get to the bottom of it.

iZombie S2E9- "Cape Town"

Looks like there’s a 0% chance of fog now in Seattle.

A New Zombie Has Come to Town: Speaking of the Boss, one of his henchmen has come knocking on Liv and Ravi’s morgue. Okay, more like Blaine has brought him to her so said henchmen, Drake (Greg Finley), could be turned into a fellow member of the Z team. Once coherent enough to understand what’s happened to him, he’s actually quite okay with the idea. Why is Drake so vital? Because he knows the whereabouts of the tainted Utopium! Tainted Utopium = a possible cure! So even though she definitely doesn’t want to change another person into a zombie, she does so if it means the end of the zombie plague. What does everyone think of Drake? It’s still a bit early to figure out his intentions, but I’d be happy to have another good zombie on our side. With his ‘loyalty’ to Mr. Boss, he could definitely get insider scoop on Mr. Boss’ latest crimes. Or Drake could crush my hopes and dreams by actually working alongside the crime lord. Please don’t do that, Rob or Diane!

LilyMoore’s Last Christmas?: Last time we saw Liv and Major, Liv had gotten the impression that Major was in fact cheating on her with Rita/Gilda. This assumption leads to many fights all based on trust and privacy. Fortunately for the two, they spend day apart: Liv playing superhero and Major staking out a zombie. That zombie, Natalie, he later finds out, isn’t too fond of her un-dead life. In fact, she was trying to take her life, if it wasn’t for Major stepping in. Natalie was turned into a zombie, and basically forced to have sex for brains. Sure the job paid well, but at what price? To have countless visions of the victims she was unknowingly eating? As she tells Major her story, he definitely gains some perspective. If Natalie feels this way, how does Liv? Later, Natalie willingly goes into the zombie freezer, to be awakened again when there’s a cure.

As for Major and Liv’s relationship: Liv comes to the conclusion, that try as he might, Major will never understand the zombie part of her. “You love the woman I was. You tolerate the woman I am now.” Before Major can defend himself, Liv’s broken up with him. You LilyMoore fans okay? Anyone for or against them parting ways? While I’ve grown fond of them throughout these past few episodes, this breakup was certainly coming. Major is hellbent on finding a cure for Liv. Plus, he’s basically Max Rager’s zombie slayer so he can protect Liv. All good things, but as of right now, Liv is still a zombie. The brains, visions, and drastic personality changes are all part of the deal. Who knows when a cure will even take place. I hope Major tells Liv his current occupation sooner rather than later.

iZombie S2E9- "Cape Town"

Clive, you need to board the “I know about zombies” train soon.

You’re a Mean One, Mr. Boss (Kind Of?): Naughty or nice, that is the question I have for Mr. Boss. One minute, he’s threatening Peyton in her office (who I miss and would love to see return to my TV screen), the next he’s saving Liv? Liv’s visions take her to Mr. Boss’ warehouse. Seeing his henchmen with some serious ammo, and the Fog’s civilian, Mary, in danger, Liv tries to rescue the damsel. Little did she know Mary was a known thief. It could have been the end of her undead life but isn’t, thanks to Mr. Boss. A hero rescues a criminal, who’s rescued by a villain? Now I’ve seen everything. Liv’s involvement at the warehouse is Clive’s last straw. She’s done some crazy things in the past, but putting herself in harm’s way and alone with no police involvement was the tipping point. Liv’s partnership with Clive is no more.

So, no police job and boyfriend. What else could go wrong? Try, Ravi’s rat turning into a zombie again. Blaine and Major, you might be joining the Z team shortly.

What did everyone think of the mid-season finale, 2.09: “Cape Town”?

What would you like to see in the remaining season 2 episodes of iZombie?

I’d love to see more Peyton (my usual request) and her involvement with the Utopium case, Gilda to disappear and Livton to live together again, and Liv’s family to reappear into her life. Hasn’t it been weeks, if not months?! Is Evan okay?

iZombie returns to the CW Tuesday January 12th at 9/8c.

The trailer for 2.10: “Method Head” can be viewed below.

A zombie TV show? Okay, if they don’t somehow mention the other popular zombie TV series, I’m going to be a bit disappointed.