The Walking Dead: how to take on Negan?

negan the walking deadThe prologue for the next half of The Walking Dead season 6 hinted at the arrival of an iconic villain from the comics: Negan.

The character will definitely be appearing, since Jeffrey Dean Morgan was confirmed to have been cast in the role. In an interview with, Morgan discusses his newest role:

“This is such a departure from what especially TV viewers have seen of me. I try not to look at characters as if they’re sociopaths when I’m playing them. I think they’re completely rational human beings! That being said, [Negan’s] got his own motivations… It was an opportunity that just doesn’t come around often.”

And as for how the comic book character will be portrayed on the small screen, Morgan said this:

“As far as I know, it’s going to be very much parallel to the comic books. If you know what’s coming, then I don’t have to tell you.”

Alarming news for comic book readers and fans of the show, considering Negan will be responsible for the gruesome death of one the beloved main characters. (We won’t spoil you here! After all, you’ll find out soon enough when the show returns next year.)

The character is known for wielding a unique weapon, a barb wire-wrapped baseball bat which he calls Lucille. Morgan had something to say about the baseball bat as well, hinting at his character’s violent deeds:

“I feel real comfortable with Lucille in my hands, let’s say that!”

No doubt we will get more tidbits about the upcoming episodes of The Walking Dead during the hiatus, including more details on how the show will be portraying Negan, as well as adding elements from his story in the comics to the plot of the television show.

The midseason finale left our characters in the thick of a zombie horde in Alexandria while Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham were confronted by Negan’s men. So many questions left to ask and so much time to speculate about certain characters’ fates.

The second half of The Walking Dead season six will premiere next year on AMC.