iZombie, S2 E8- The Hurt Stalker

iZombie S2E8- "The Hurt Stalker"
iZombie S2E8- "The Hurt Stalker"

The Seattle Jail Redemption

They say ‘karma’s a bitch’. But jealousy isn’t that nice either, as Liv finds out in this episode: 2.08: “The Hurt Stalker”.

Straight away, we find Liv trying to sneak into her apartment after several nights with Major. Gilda, being her two-faced self, catches Liv in the act and mutters a fake-nice ‘Hey stranger’ variation. A part of me wishes we didn’t know about Gilda’s true intentions; I would probably find her heaps more likable. However, it’s lovely seeing the redhead on edge over Major’s renewed relationship with Liv. More Liv/Major/Gilda mentions to come.

In a deserted parking garage (because of course no one’s there right before a murder), we meet our brain/case of the week. Regina Sumner, Clive’s ex and Seattle’s crazy stalker. Her death is due to a surprise scare tactic gone awry. Scared out of her mind and equipped with the necessary weapons to defend herself, she manages to stab her attacker several times and almost manages to end his life. But before she can do so, a bullet fires behind her, ending her life. After Liv, Ravi, and the Seattle police force arrive on the scene, it becomes known that the gun belonged to a Mr. Clive Babineaux. Seeing how he was late, an ex of Regina’s, and again the owner of the gun, he becomes the number one murder suspect. So it’s Liv and Ravi on the case (semi-illegally) to clear his innocence.

iZombie S2E8- "The Hurt Stalker"

Liv & Ravi: Seattle’s latest crime-fighting duo.

What’s quite shocking about this episode is how much we thought we knew about Clive Babineaux, but totally didn’t. Who knew that he could cook or had a love for Game of Thrones? Thanks FBI Agent and Clive’s love interest, Dale. “What’s George R. R. Martin doing right now?” Ravi asks Clive later. Clive’s tense reply: “Not writing!”

Seeing how Regina was an ex of Clive’s, Liv hesitates on eating her brain; what if she has a vision of the two together? Somethings you just can’t un-see. However, to help find the real culprit, Liv takes a brain for the team.

The symptoms of this brain aren’t necessarily new traits for her; it’s more like the brain brought the envious side out of her. Regina wasn’t the most sane person out there. For each significant other in her life, she created a bizarre scrapbook – each containing obviously photo-shopped images of Regina and [insert boy toy here]. Dale briefly supplies Ravi and Liv with Clive’s gifted scrapbook. What sparks their interest is the last photo of “Clive” and Regina. Yes, Clive isn’t originally in the photo (he doesn’t have white hands), but someone is actually standing next to Regina in an embrace. Find the original man in the photo and the murderer might be found. That ends up being half-true.

iZombie S2E8- "The Hurt Stalker"

“Is it like Orange is the New Black in there or nah?”

As stated in this recap/review earlier, Liv’s inner green-eyed monster comes out between her and Major. Believing in Gilda’s claim that every man cheats, she starts questioning Major’s loyalty to her. She looks at Major’s phone, seeing numerous amounts of texts from a girl named Rita (Gilda). Knowing it’s the brain talking (mostly, I’m sure), Major persuades her to fight the brain’s influence. He does not need his zombie slaying/freezing(?) to get out.

Meanwhile, Ravi and Liv’s crime skills aren’t that bad sans Clive. They find a second man whom Regina crazed over. Matthew Voss, another police officer. Regina was his and his wife, Uma’s, wedding planner. However, the second Uma gets wind of Matthew’s ‘relationship’ with Regina, she cancels her services. Remember the man that sneak attacked Regina earlier in the episode? That was Uma’s brother, Karl. What was intended as a scare tactic, resulted in a murder by Uma after Regina was about to take down Karl. What were everyone’s thoughts about Uma’s actions? In my opinion, you can’t blame one person when it comes to cheating in a relationship. Two people are always at fault.

iZombie S2E8- "The Hurt Stalker"

Plot Twist: I’m actually the sweetest person ever. I’m just method acting.

As for the original man in the scrapbook photo? The identity belonged to Chief Walt Price. Regina definitely was a fan of men in uniform. Liv earns a hefty amount of jail time after getting caught snooping in Walt’s car. Several nights in a jail cell are horrible for anyone. For a zombie, they’re even worse. Brains are not on the list of food. Unless you want an even longer jail stay for murdering one of your cell mates. Fortunately that never manifests, since Ravi bails her out.

Having only Regina’s brain on hand, Liv still’s on bunny boiler brain. Knowing she shouldn’t, but filled with uncertainty, she checks Major’s phone again. She knows she shouldn’t, but Liv can’t help herself. Using Major’s finger to unlock his phone, Liv checks his messages. As if on cue, Rita/Gilda leaves the typical, “You up?” message. What results is a sexy image from the red head and a distraught Liv. Yeah, I don’t think it’s just the brain, but the ultimate fear that has been coursing through Liv’s veins since she’s rekindled things with Major. Will Major ever understand the zombie side of her? All the Livjor/LilyMoore drama will be discussed in more detail in the mid-season finale recap.

What did everyone think of 2.08: “The Hurt Stalker”?

Oh and for those that loved the beautiful cover of “Everybody Hurts” at the end, the artist is Jasmine Thompson. I highly recommend giving her other covers or original music a listen.