Tony Perez, Rachel Shelley return to Once Upon a Time

Tony Perez Henry Sr Once Upon a TimeMore familiar faces will be making reappearances in the second half of season 5 of Once Upon a Time. The latest returning cast members are Tony Perez and Rachel Shelley.

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, Tony Perez will be reprising his role as Henry Sr., the devoted father of Regina Mills a.k.a. the Evil Queen, during the 100th episode of the show. His character was seen back in the first season of Once Upon a Time and was notably sacrificed by his daughter in order for her to enact the Dark Curse. With the previously announced return of Barbara Hershey as Cora Mills, Regina’s mother, a complicated family reunion will be taking place.

Other familiar faces returning for the 100th episode are Giancarlo Esposito (Magic Mirror) and Robbie Kay (Peter Pan, Rumplestiltskin’s father.) Victoria Smurfit will also be reprising her role as Cruella De Vil but will not be appearing in the 100th episode.

Rachel Shelley Milah Once Upon a TimeAnother recently announced returning cast member is Rachel Shelley who, according to Entertainment Weekly, will be reprising her role as Milah, Rumplestiltskin’s (first) wife and mother of his son, Baelfire. Shelley (The L Word) joined the show in season 2 where she was swept off her feet by the dashing pirate, Killian Jones. When she attempted to leave Rumple and their infant son for Jones, the newly dark Rumplestiltskin crushed her heart and sliced off the pirate’s hand, thus creating the legendary Captain Hook.

No details have been released about Shelley’s return to the show other than the fact that she will not be in the 100th episode, but will be appearing in at least one episode of the second half of season 5.

With the Dark Hook having just created a pathway to the Underworld in order to unleash a boatload of Dark Ones on Storybrooke, the return of all these deceased characters may now seem plausible. But we will have to wait until the show returns from hiatus to know the full score.

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