Reign, S3 E6- Fight or Flight

Reign S3E06- "Fight or Flight"

When a crucial main character leaves the show, it has the potential to throw off the show’s whole dynamic. Will the show rise or fall? That’s all up to the writers. But I have confidence that the departure of Francis will be a smooth one. (I mean, we survived the Francis/Mary/Condé love triangle. It can’t be that bad, right?)

Reign S3E06- "Fight or Flight"

Catherine to Mary: “Let him go, and hold on to me.”

“What will you do next?” The newly appointed King Charles says. C’mom Mary, we’re all thinking it. Mary doesn’t know. She’s no longer a queen to France, so what’s she even doing at French court? Because of Francis, that’s why. One of his dying wishes was for her to stay and help his Mom become regent (and marry again, among other things).

What I found most beautiful is that both Catherine and Mary help each other mourn the loss of Francis. They’ve had their differences in the past, but in a way, Francis’ death brings them closer. As Mary sobs from grief and frustration, Catherine holds her close. “You’re a queen. You’re still a queen.” Catherine and Mary’s friendship (mother/daughter?) is something I didn’t know I needed in my life. Using each other’s strength/encouragement, they’re able to regain their usual spunk or bad-assery (which is particularly prevalent in Cat’s case).

Mary takes the leap and starts to make the arrangements to court the Prince of Spain. With Catherine, she steps out of her bed chambers and attends the council’s meeting for the upcoming regency. You know who also is on the council? Narcisse. Narcisse, who is having a difficult time convincing his newlywed, Lola, to please him. Catherine greatly takes care of that. And with the addition of acquiring a manservant, Christophe, for herself. Get it girl.

Reign S3E06- "Fight or Flight"

Um, Greer who?

Mini Story-line Time: Claude and Leith (Cleith?) are alive and beautiful. Leith, still Claude’s servant of sorts, doesn’t think they should form a relationship because of their class differences. Understanding this, Claude sets him up with a diplomat’s daughter for potential courting. Problem is, Leith has no knowledge of all things prim and proper. So she gladly gives him lessons. These lessons are complete with a dance, with an orchestrated version of “Ex’s and Oh’s” playing in the background. I know I gush over Vitamin String Quartet’s music whenever the show plays it during an episode, but I adore their covers!

Reign S3E06- "Fight or Flight"

The Heart Wants What it Wants

Queen Elizabeth’s English Court Adventures: Our fiery redhead queen hasn’t been in the tormenting mood as of late. That’s due to her lover, Robert Dudley, having left court. But she’s the Queen; surely she can find someway for Robert to return? That she does. She appoints Robert’s wife, Amy, to be Keeper of the Queen’s Swans. This is such a honorable job that Amy can’t say no, no matter how much she hates Elizabeth. However, there is a way she can get around it. Amy bribes a doctor with sexual favors so he can fake a tumor that needs treatment in Cornwall for her. Cornwall, which is not even close to English court. Unfortunately, this means Elizabeth and Robert only had about a minute to reunite.

Not letting her sudden lack of a love life get her down, she resumes with her “take Mary down” plot. During Mary’s mourning of Francis, she ripped up the peace accord and refused to hand her claim to England to her cousin, Elizabeth. Elizabeth has to think extremely deviously if she wants to take Mary down. Locked away in the Tower of London is Gideon Blackburn. How Gideon got in the tower is complicated. Elizabeth’s sister, Mary I, used him as a spy for Elizabeth. He was also the one that let everyone know of Robert and Elizabeth’s feelings for one another. So away in a tower he goes. But now, Elizabeth is offering him complete freedom if he can do one small task for her: make our Mary fall in love with him. This could either go over really well, or absolutely horrible.

What did everyone think of Reign‘s 3.06: “Fight or Flight”?

Next recap: Mary and the prince of Spain, Don Carlos, begin courting, complete with a courting game, the hound and the hare. With Gideon Blackburn now in the French court, will he manage to sweep Mary off her feet?

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