iZombie, S2 E7- Abra Cadaver

iZombie S2E7- "Abra Cadaverr"

Previously on iZombie 2.06: “Max Wager”, Liv ate Harry Cole’s brain (who was unfortunately murdered right in front of Clive), which caused her to have gambling and bets galore on the mind. Peyton met the infamous ‘Boss’ in her office. He’s half BFF, half psycho mobster (I’ve never been more confused on how to feel about a character). But the biggest downer had to be that Major and Liv can’t have sex, otherwise it’s zombie land for Major. Gulp. That is sure to complicate their relationship.

iZombie S2E7- "Abra Cadaverr"

Yeah, that’s not my card.

The Brain/Case of the Week: What started off as a simple housekeeping routine for a maid at the hotel where a magic convention was taking place, ended in terror for the poor girl. Inside the hotel room, a Criss Angel lookalike was found dead with a metal-edged magic card embedded in his throat (gross, but I give points for creativity). Criss Angel lookalike, Sid Wicked, was one of the many popular magicians participating in the con’s events. With popularity comes hate and envy; it’s Clive and Liv on the case! Throughout Sid Wicked’s career, he became notorious for revealing several of his fellow magicians’ tricks. Could these revelations have led to his death, though?

iZombie S2E7- "Abra Cadaverr"

Tarot cards, please tell me my future will include an actual sex life with Major.

Liv’s reactions from Sid’s brain have her partaking in tarot card readings, constantly uttering poetic sayings at any occasion, and staging various rituals that no one seems to be able to wrap their head around. Except Ravi – he’s loving every minute of this. “I almost want to start killing magicians so it never ends,” he mentions. This brain in particular seems to weird Major out. In the beginning of the episode, he asks Peyton and Ravi about the effects the brains generally have on Liv. Hearing Peyton mention what she’s gone through living with her zombie BFF, makes me wonder if Peyton has now started to question Liv’s previously odd behavior in the past as her on brains. Just keep giving us more Peyton, iZombie. As for Major, I don’t think he’s starting to have a negative reaction to Liv and her zombie ways (he’s clearly in love with her), I just believe that the more he spends his time with Liv, the more he despises his duties as Max Rager’s zombie slayer. Thoughts?

As mentioned above, Sid Wicked had quite the list of enemies (or should I say frenemies?). They include Sid’s former fiancee, Houdina, and Smoak and Meers (wannabe Penn and Teller folks). Sid had already revealed one of Houdina’s tricks after she left him on their wedding day; Smoak and Meers were set to be next. Not if they can help it. With most magic tricks, the magicians want you to pay attention to something in one corner, while they’re doing something completely different away from the audience. Most of the time, the answer to their tricks are right in front of you. The maid was the only one leaving the hotel room on the security footage. Using her latest brain’s magic skills, Liv realizes that Meers was the maid! She was the one responsible for Sid’s death. Anyone guess this twist right away? Smoak and Meers, looks like you ruined your own magic act. Way to go.

iZombie S2E7- "Abra Cadaverr"

This card says: you’re going to help me with these disappearing zombies. Or else.

iZombie had plenty of more magic tricks up their sleeves for us, throughout the rest of the episode. With the number of disappearing zombies increasing in Seattle, and his father missing, Blaine goes to the only person he knows who can help him: Liv. At first Liv isn’t too keen on the idea, but knowing her un-dead life could be at stake, she agrees to investigate the disappearances with him.

The two manage to snoop around Dale’s house (who is the one dealing with all the missing people). It’s definitely an interesting sight seeing these two work together for a change. Could I see a friendship form between these two? Potentially in the very distant future; Blaine would have to redeem himself immensely.

And speaking of Blaine, Peyton explains her meeting with ‘the Boss’  in the episode prior to him, to which he puts on his best “I’m going to save the day” heroic smile. Blaine, don’t you dare deceive or harm Peyton in any way. I only give you a couple episodes before Peyton finds out about your evil ways, but still! I refuse to step on the Peyton and Blaine train.

What did everyone think of 2.07: “Abra Cadaveer”?

I don’t know about you, but I want to know more about Major’s frozen zombie collection!

Next recap: Fatal attraction brain. Just no bunnies on the stove, okay Liv?