The Flash, S2 Ep08 – Legends of Today

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is almost upon us and Arrow and The Flash are just about done completing their leg work building up to the new spin-off. While the majority of the heroes that are set to appear on Legends of Tomorrow have already been properly introduced, Hawkgirl and Hawkman have been saved for last. In this first part of a two-part crossover event with Arrow, “Legends of Today” focuses primarily on fleshing out Hawkgirl and Hawkman’s backstory while also introducing viewers to Vandal Savage; the main antagonist of Legends of Tomorrow.

Introducing Vandal Savage

Introducing Vandal Savage

Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) immediately proves himself to be a formidable villain. He is an expert at throwing knives and carries a very deadly arsenal. Through some expository dialogue from Malcolm Merlyn later in the episode, we learn that Savage is an immortal and is damn near impossible to take down. The only reason Team Flash and Team Arrow join forces in this two-parter is because Savage’s power is based in magic and Team Flash has not dealt with magic before. With Savage on a mission to kill Kendra Saunders (Ciara Renée), Team Flash requests the help of Team Arrow knowing they are currently dealing with another magician themselves: Damien Darhk.

This was definitely a convenient and sensible way to unite the teams once again for this year’s crossover. The only thing I found surprising was Team Arrow being so welcoming to an outsider, allowing Kendra to step into their secret lair and see everyone without their masks. They just met this girl. They should have at least kept their masks on. Ollie does criticize Barry for this at one point, though.

Much of this episode focuses on Kendra Saunders coming into her own as Hawkgirl. Cisco comes out about the Vibes he’s been having about her, and Hawkman (Falk Hentschel) informs her and the audience of how she is a resurrected priestess who can fly. Rather than being built up over several episodes/seasons like The Atom and White Canary, Kendra Saunder’s Hawkgirl origin is quickly covered and the episode concluded with her learning of her abilities.

“Legends of Today” is filled with some fun and exciting action as we see Team Arrow face Damien Darhk and his ghosts, and when Vandal Savage confronts everyone in Ollie’s apartment. Ollie, unmasked, fires arrow after arrow at Savage while Barry attempts to use his super speed to catch every knife Savage throws at them. Throughout the episode there are several exciting scenes like this. We even get to see Barry use his new lightning trick again in a fierce battle against Hawkman. Hawkman should’ve probably tried talking to them first before swooping down and kidnapping Kendra to tell her of her past.

The Flash, S2 Ep08 - Legends of Today (3)

Hawkgirl enters the Arrow Cave

Being that this was a crossover episode, “Legends of Today” felt as much as an episode of The Flash as it did an episode of Arrow. Keeping this in mind it was surprising seeing so much humor in the Star City scenes. I appreciated every moment, and one moment that actually made me laugh out loud was Thea’s surprise finding out they know The Flash.

With the inclusion of Vandal Savage trying to get his hands on the Staff of Horus, the story for “Legends of Today” gets a little nonsensical at times but always remains fun. The only parts that lacked fun were in the subplot that saw Dr. Wells attempt to make a drug called Velocity 6 to help improve Barry’s speed. Jay Garrick, who refuses to be a test subject and take the drug, eventually has to in order to save Wells’ life after he is shot by Patty Spivot. Spivot shooting Harrison Wells may have been a serious accident, but now that she’s seen the doppelganger of a known villain Team Flash, especially Detective West, should inform her of what’s really going on.

One bit of information that has nothing to with the overall story of this crossover was revealed in the last few seconds of the episode. Ollie sees his ex-girlfriend in Central City with her son. The scene seems to imply that Ollie realizes that her child is his son, as we see the shock in his face. This has not been touched on since last year’s crossover event, when he saw only her in Central City. It’s hard to tell what this realization will drive Ollie to do next and how it will affect his relationship with Felicity.

Overall, “Legends of Today” was a strong first part to this year’s Arrow/Flash crossover event. It was fun and exciting throughout and never boring. Hawkgirl’s origin felt a little rushed and the character accepts her destiny a bit too quickly, but they have to get this out of the way before Legends of Tomorrow premieres in January so it is forgivable. So far Vandal Savage is a very menacing villain and I look forward to seeing this threat take form in the eventual spin-off. Part two of this crossover event has been lazily titled “Legends of Yesterday”. My review for part two will be up shortly, so stick around and in the meantime let us know what you thought about “Legends of Today” in the comments.