Peter Jackson gets a visit from the Doctor

Peter Capaldi and Peter JacksonThe Lord of the Rings director has a special guest, whose presence teases a very exciting future project.

In a video posted on his Facebook page entitled “Home Invasion,” The Hobbit director Peter Jackson is at home in New Zealand, minding his own business, polishing his Oscars, and chatting with his daughter Katie about not answering Steven Moffat’s emails, when an unexpected guest arrives.

It proves to be is none other than the 12th Doctor (Peter Capaldi), who barges in claiming he is in search of a director. He holds out a contract to Jackson who seems less than impressed with this random stranger in his house.

“Who are you exactly?” Jackson asks.

“I’m the Doctor,” Capaldi replies.



The Doctor is then seen pacing the room, clearly agitated, until the end of the video where he is seen being pursued by a Dalek! Jackson and his daughter don’t look too bothered at this, though, and are off to watch The Walking Dead.

All this is, of course, a very creative and amusing tease for a possible Peter Jackson-directed episode of Doctor Who! Showrunner Steven Moffat has been trying to get Jackson to direct an episode of the hit sci-fi show, and the Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit director previously expressed interest in doing so, but only if he is paid in the form of a Dalek.

This video is proof that his wish has been granted. And it looks like fans will be getting their special Doctor Who episode after all. No further details have been released about Jackson’s involvement. But now he definitely is involved, and since the current season of the show is about to be concluded, we can assume that Peter Jackson will be working on something for season 10.

The 9th season finale of Doctor Who will air this Saturday on BBC One. It will also be followed by a Christmas Special.

Check out the full video below: