‘Victor Frankenstein’ Can Resurrect Your Old Myspace!

Victor FrankensteinBefore Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the heaps of other social media sites today: there was MySpace. With the much-loved former popular social platform, you could: 1) customize your profile with various backgrounds, music, videos, etc., 2) potentially receive these lovely notifications after each log-in, and 3) could create and change your Top 8 list of friends at any moment! Plus, everyone’s favorite first friend, Tom!

Want to step back in time and peer at your old profile on the old Myspace? Now you can! As part of Victor Frankenstein’s movie release, you can “resurrect your myspace”.

Victor Frankenstein - resurrect your myspace

Your old profile, it’s ALIVE!

Go to Resurrect.Myspace.com, enter the email used to create your Myspace account, and voila! A trip down memory lane!

What does everyone think about this fun little Myspace feature?

Victor Frankenstein is now playing in theaters. (Hopefully the film does a little better within these coming weeks, as opposed to its opening weekend).