‘iZombie’ Gets 6 Additional Episodes for Season 2!

izombie season 2 banner
iZombie Season 2

6 More Episodes = 6 More Brains for Liv Moore.

Saddened by the fact that iZombie‘s second season is potentially half over? Fear not! Revealed on November 23rd, The CW has ordered six more episodes for the comic-based zombie show! This would bring the sophomore season to a total of 19 episodes.

This total strays from the traditional full 22 episodes most shows get. While the CW has officially stated their reasoning behind the recent episode pickup, my guess it’s due to scheduling conflicts. One of the CW’s newest shows, Containment, has yet to get a premiere date. Perhaps it could be taking iZombie‘s time slot after this season concludes?

Executive producer Rob Thomas has stated that he planned each story arc to occur over a 22 episode full season. With only 19 episodes, looks like he’s going to have to trim down whatever he has planned.

What are your thoughts on the episode number decision? 13 episodes, 19 episodes. As long as Liv continues to be supplied with brains and has her job at the morgue (in other words, this show stays on the air), I’m a happy camper.

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