Once Upon a Time: Details on Dark Hook

Once Upon a Time Colin O'Donoghue HookThe latest episodes of Once Upon a Time dropped the bomb on what really happened in Camelot six weeks ago, revealing that Emma Swan made Captain Hook into a Dark One (more details in my recap of Episode 8.) Horrified at being unconsciously transformed into the thing he hates the most, Hook vows revenge on Emma and on all those who have wronged him.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Once Upon a Time star Colin O’Donoghue reveals what’s in store for us during Captain Hook’s turn as the Dark One. He says that he was surprised by this development:

“It was a bit of a shock. I was excited, to be honest. I was excited to delve back into the darker side of Hook.”

He also compares Hook’s take on the Dark One to Emma’s and says that Hook is more inclined to embrace the Darkness because he had done it before, whereas Emma was constantly fighting it. He adds that Hook is unable to resist the Darkness because “he’s always been open to it. He’s always had this weakness.”

The Irish actor also discusses the kind of “research” he’s been doing in order to get into the more sinister mindset of the Dark One. It’s a difficult process and one that requires a lot of energy. He says:

“I try to think of the darkest things I can think of, and try to figure out how people can do stuff to other people like that…. I look at paintings and I’ll try and research harrowing stories and all that kind of stuff, and try to get into the mindset of somebody who’s completely lacking in empathy…”

As for what will happen to Hook’s relationship with Emma, O’Donoghue admits that though this will be a significant road bump in their relationship, even as Dark Ones, they have not yet lost the ability to love. But he is deeply angry at her for forcibly turning him into the thing he hates the most. And he’s still so consumed with thoughts of revenge that even if it “means hurting people, he’s willing to do whatever it takes.”

O’Donoghue also teases that we will be seeing more of Hook’s backstory in the upcoming episodes, including a glimpse at his father. He adds that the exploration of Hook’s story will also be linked with Regina. He said:

“You get to see a real insight into how he became that ruthless pirate and the person who just really didn’t care about anything except his revenge.”

Watch the newest Dark One wreak havoc in Storybrooke this Sunday on Once Upon a Time on ABC.