Disney/Pixar Releases ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer

finding dory logo
Finding Dory

“She just kept swimming.”

Marlin, Nemo, and everyone’s favorite forgetful fish, Dory, are back! The highly anticipated trailer was released exclusively on Ellen DeGeneres’ YouTube, TheEllenShow, earlier this month (November 10th).

Throughout the teaser, we’re shown a tired Nemo and Marlin trying to stop Dory from sleep swimming; they’re unsuccessful. She tries her hardest to remember something about her past, but the idea of it is gone before she can even explain it. Or is it?

Dory shouts, “My family! They’re out there somewhere. I have to find them!” And so begins Dory’s adventure to find her family.

The trailer can be viewed below.

The teaser trailer’s only a minute and a half long and I already have so many questions. Will Dory find her family? Where does her family reside? Are her family members as forgetful as her? Why did she lose contact with them?

Finding Dory swims into theaters June 2016.

In the meantime, I’m going to perfect my whale accent.