The Walking Dead, S6 Ep7 – Heads Up

“Making it now, do you really think you can do that without getting blood on your hands?”

I knew it. I knew it!

Glenn lives. So now that we can finally put that issue to rest, we can move on.

Not that this came as any surprise to me or to the legions of fans who have been waiting for answers for weeks now. No one really bought the idea that Glenn would die in such a way, and so we allowed ourselves to be teased by The Walking Dead showrunners until they revealed that we were right to doubt.

This big revelation opened the episode, much to everyone’s relief. We see how the guts being devoured by walkers were, in fact, Nicholas’ and Glenn managed to crawl to safety under a dumpster while the walker horde feasted. An indistinct noise distracted most of them enough for them to leave and Glenn was able to emerge, bloody but breathing into the sunlight. Hooray!

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep7 - Heads UpHe is greeted by Enid, who had left Alexandria during the attack by the Wolves. And the two spend some quality time together while on the way back to the community. Enid refuses because she doesn’t want to deal with more pain and loss, but Glenn persists until he convinces her that there is value in living and honoring the dead by doing so, a theme that is repeated all throughout the episode.

Rosita gets some well-deserved screen time (though not nearly enough) when she is seen giving a class on how to use a machete. She is just as strong and capable as many in Rick’s core group, and I wish we saw more of her and less of the random Alexandrians who are probably going to die soon anyway.

A highlight of this episode was the roundtable worldview discussion with Rick, Carol, Morgan, and Michonne. They had a proper sit down and finally talked about Morgan’s policy on killing and how he let those Wolves go (and eventually attack Rick.) Rick and Carol, as we all know, adhere to the more proactive route of killing everyone who gets in their way. Morgan, after his big epiphany-time with Eastman, advocates the valuing of human life.  Michonne’s position is somewhere in the middle, as she recognizes both the value of life as well as the necessity of killing certain individuals when they endanger the greater community.

Carol's on to you, and so is Judith.

Carol’s on to you, and so is Judith.

“All life is precious,” Morgan says, but Michonne responds with, “Things aren’t as simple as four words.”

The best approach would be to do as Michonne does and to strike a balance between the extremes of Rick and Carol’s pragmatism and Morgan’s altruism. But so far this season, things have been playing out to prove that Rick and Carol are always right.

Case in point: Deanna’s son Spencer also tries to make a difference by climbing over the wall to reach a car and try to lure the horde away from the walls. Though his intentions were noble, his plan wasn’t really well thought-out and he would have fallen to his death were it not for the quick thinking of Rick and Tara. Rick scolds him for his foolishness, poor guy, and warns him not to risk the community’s lives so needlessly. Again with the show punishing someone trying to do good and reinforcing Rick’s cynical worldview.

Ugh, Ron.

Ugh, Ron.

Carl takes a stroll and is followed ominously by the ever-annoying Ron, who was able to steal bullets from the supply room. Having been given a gun by Rick earlier in the episode, he is getting ready to use it. On Carl, probably, because this scene was not subtle at all. And it doesn’t help that Carl was being a douche to Ron during his shooting lessons, when the former kept rubbing it in that he was a better and more experienced shooter. Oh, Carl. Why’d you have to stoop to his level?

Carol notices Morgan approaching Dr. Denise and taking some medicines to the Wolf he still has in his basement. She has a moment with Sam where she says that the only way to prevent being a monster is to keep killing, though there is some hesitation in her manner. She then confronts Morgan about his secret.

During Glenn and Enid’s wanderings they stumble across some green balloons and a helium can, so they release the balloons into the air as a sign to Maggie and everyone back in Alexandria not only that Glenn is alive, but there is hope even in a desolate world. But this is The Walking Dead so this touching moment is immediately followed by the watchtower collapsing and letting the walker horde into the town.

I wonder at this blatant negligence. While Rick and the others tried to reinforce parts of the wall, did they not notice this weak spot? Was the watchtower’s state of dilapidation not easily noticeable to them? Because the audience kept getting the sense that it was falling apart with the random planks of wood falling off. Did no one really see this coming? You really can’t afford to be this careless in The Walking Dead, and for next week’s midseason finale, we’ll see who gets out of this mess alive: