First poster for Game of Thrones season 6 is a real tease

Game of thrones season 6 first posterA familiar face is the focus of the very first promo art for Game of Thrones season 6.

The first promo image for the highly-anticipated sixth season of the HBO fantasy epic has just been released, and it features a character who continues to be a hot topic in the fandom. Jon Snow’s controversial death scene in the season 5 finale has been a source of debates and discussions since the episode aired last year.

And though many fans are still in denial about Jon Snow’s fate, various cast and crew from the show have reiterated that he is indeed dead. But die-hard Game of Thrones fans still refuse to believe this and are holding onto hope that their favorite Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch will be making a comeback.

So this teaser poster is indeed a tease, as it shows Jon Snow’s bloody face and nothing much else. What this means about the character’s current status is yet to be revealed, but this poster will no doubt spark even more debates and speculations about the upcoming season.

Only the word April is included above the word HBO, confirming that the sixth season will be premiering in April next year.

Watch this space for more updates on Game of Thrones season 6.