Premiere Date Set For Agent Carter

Lights, Camera, Carter! That’s what the upcoming season of Agent Carter promises viewers upon its January 5, 2016 premiere. This year Peggy Carter is going transcontinental, moving from New York to the limelight of Hollywood. It promises a fun time where our favorite kickass agent takes Los Angeles by storm. The new promo promises plenty of action, romance, and butt kicking.

Agent Carter will jump onto the screen January 5 with a two-hour premiere. No doubt our favorite Peggy will have some changes to get used to. Or rather, Hollywood will have to get used to Peggy’s no-holds-barred ways. At least she’ll have some familiar faces in Jarvis, Agent Sousa, and Howard Stark. Possibly they will help delve into the promised interest in Peggy’s past.

The new territory is expected to help expand the story line with a fresh non-New York-centered aspect, allowing for new villains such as Joseph Manfredi played by Ken Marino. Plenty of other new faces will be on hand too, as Agent Carter is reimagining Whitney Frost, aka Madame Masque, for this season’s main villain. Also joining the action will be Frost’s husband, Calvin Chadwick, played by Currie Graham. As well as what fans were waiting for, in Jarvis’ wife portrayed by Lotte Verbeek, whom Jeph Loeb praised at New York Comic Con. This season has some potential love interests for Peggy Carter too, as a new area may open a new spot in her heart for someone other than good old Cap. Reggie Austin is set to play the handsome scientist Jason Wilkes and Kurtwood Smith will become Vernon Masters, a new Marvel character created just for Agent Carter.

Take a look at the new teaser preview below. Are you excited for the cross country move? Any adventures you would love to see Peggy go on while in Hollywood?