Jessica Jones Episodes 8-13 Review

After making the decision to turn herself over to Killgrave, Jessica finds herself with a bad case of deja vu. A case she can’t seem to get rid of. Killgrave makes creepy look normal with the lengths he dares to go to for Jessica. Buying her childhood home and restoring it in entirety, making choices to do good in hopes that he can somehow outweigh the bad, divulging his childhood horrors, and going to extreme lengths in order to have her under his control again.

Jessica Jones 26The beginning of the last half almost seems to show a softer side of Killgrave. It’s almost like we can see wee Kevin drawing hearts around his and Jessica’s initials and planning out the names to their super babies. But when your name is Jessica Jones nothing is easy, and the realization that Killgrave could be harnessed for good forces Jessica to decide what is best for the greater good. Thankfully, she realizes Killgrave is better off gone from the face of the Earth. But, as with any of Jessica’s plans, nothing seems to pan out.

Even without asserting his dominance over Jessica, Killgrave still has the upper hand. What’s even scarier is he believes he has done nothing wrong, that because he makes orders his hands are clean. How can Killgrave ever truly know what the other person wants? In her true fashion Jessica decides to open a can of whoop ass on Killgrave. Trying to force him into confessing all of his dirty deeds, or at least enough to get him behind bars, Jessica finally makes it to the safe house with Killgrave. It’s hard not to start to feel sorry for Killgrave while he’s locked up, beaten, and forced to listen to the trauma his parents inflicted upon him. Possibly that’s one of the most dangerous things about him. No matter all the bad he has done, Killgrave will always be the lonely, innocent child in his mind. Or maybe it’s the caliber of acting that David Tennant exhibited in that chamber. Going from innocent and broken to vengeful with a blink of an eye.

Escaping in a truly horrific moment, Killgrave is in the wind with a plan. Thankfully, Jessica Jones comes to the rescue with a plan of her own, after finding out that what makes Killgrave so powerful is the virus he emits. Especially because the possibility of a cure exists, since she is now immune to his orders. Trying to find another way to entrap Jessica and needing his dad for his plan Killgrave offers a trade, after persuading the district attorney to drop all charges against Hope for the murder of her parents. Once again Jessica is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to preserve the lives of innocents. Realizing this, the only conclusion anyone can come to is that Jessica needs to destroy Killgrave at any cost.

Jessica Jones 20With Jessica and Killgrave playing cat and mouse, Trish finds herself romping around with her former love interest. Finally Hellcat and the Nuke go at it in a truly devastating scene. No really, they practically destroyed the set. And possibly setting in place the bad guy for the next series of Jessica Jones, as IGH and the crazed meds make Will Simpson into the Nuke.

But before anything can fully be realized regarding IGH, Jessica rushes to try to save Luke Cage. This brings him back into her life, as Killgrave has him blow his own bar up, thus setting her back on the chase searching for him once again. Not only do Cage and Jones make up, but when Killgrave does what he does best, Jessica is left reeling in a hospital where some familiar faces show up. With hopes of an all-time bad-ass knock-down drag-out about to happen, the ending does let viewers down a bit relating to the lack of action. However, the ending was exactly what Jessica Jones calls for, wrapping everything up messily. What else could we expect- they have to leave just enough questions for a second series, to carry over into the upcoming Luke Cage series or even The Defenders. Oh, and hopes for more of that purple man.