Only Hours Before Jessica Jones Is Live

Today is the day. Tonight at midnight thousands of viewers will finally have the entirety of Netflix’s Jessica Jones at their fingertips. All thirteen episodes of the awaited series will release at midnight. Gearing up for the release the cast of Jessica Jones has been hitting the media circuit, discussing what few details they can about the guarded plotline.

Excitement is promised to build with the release tonight, as episodes are expected to only surpass the awesomeness of the tiny snippets viewers have seen and outshine reviews that have been raining in, especially since the New York premiere of Jessica Jones Monday night. Since the U.S. premiere, reviews have continued to praise the show and cast such as Krysten Ritter and David Tennant, since the special two-episode premiere.

Gearing up for the final countdown Marvel and Netflix released two more teasers, giving fans a taste of the evilness that is Killgrave. Two new videos depict how alluring David Tennant’s Killgrave can be through his power of suggestion and evil ways. The first, lasting 49 seconds, makes anyone hope they never come up against Killgrave in a poker game, as they see how easy he can derange your mind simply with his words. The second trailer, released yesterday, illustrates how Killgrave walks into people’s lives so easily and has no remorse destroying them for his own happiness and leaving trauma in his wake.

Netfllix’s Jessica Jones is free to all streaming members and is the second of multiple Marvel-Netflix ventures, to be followed by Luke Cage and culminating in The Defenders. Jessica Jones concerns the ex-superhero Jessica as she tries to make sense of her life after it was ruined by Killgrave. But as Jessica soon finds out, not everything stays in her past.

Take a look below at the last two teaser trailers before the live stream tonight. Will you be up at midnight waiting to binge thirteen hours straight or take a more humble approach?