Castle S8 Ep7 – The Last Seduction

This was another decent ep, aside from a few things. It had Caskett and even advanced the plot well. However, I still think it might be too little too late. More on that later…

Okay, yes, this was adorable.

Okay, yes, this was adorable.

This week’s murder victim is a guy named Scott who makes his money seducing rich married women, so that their husbands can then use photo evidence to divorce them. Apparently he had a crisis of conscience after his last job and tried to make it right, but ended up stabbed nine times instead. Hate it when that happens.

Meanwhile, it’s Castle & Beckett’s one-year anniversary. Castle sets up a sweet, over-the-top surprise for her in her office to ask her on a dinner date, which she accepts. But due to continuing (and escalating) relationship tension between Ryan & Espo, they agree to delay their date to try to help their friends reach an understanding.

In the end, though neither Beckett nor Castle are able to get the boys to see eye-to-eye, Ryan throws himself in front of a bullet to save his partner. Thankfully, the notebook Ryan’s been using to write down things about Espo that annoy him saves his life, and together, the boys take down the murderer: the high-powered divorce attorney who was involved in all of these entrapment schemes and didn’t want Scott to bring her down. And then they reconcile, and it is heartfelt and really, about time. Ahem.

Also, Rick & Kate celebrate their anniversary one night late: together, at the Castle loft. It’s very sweet and passionate. Beckett tells Castle to never stop having hope for them, which is great I guess. And then Castle happens across a text from Vikram (whose other scene this ep, BTW, made me want to grind my teeth in frustration. Really? This guy who barely knows anything about Beckett sees fit to give her advice about her relationship with her husband, whom he knows even less?) telling her they need to meet, since he’s found something important. You can practically see the wheels turning in Castle’s head, but he doesn’t let on to Beckett what he’s seen. So that’s progress. I bet it won’t take a smart man like Castle very long to at least get the main idea of what Beckett has been hiding: a secret, dangerous investigation.

Their expressions. I mean.

You guys. Their expressions. I mean.

So really, this wasn’t too bad. Just the usual complaints of late: Beckett refusing to really acknowledge what she’s doing to Castle, Castle having to all but beg her to even eat dinner with him on their anniversary, and oh yeah, the utter I-don’t-care-ness of anything to do with this stupid boring conspiracy. Oh, and Hayley Shipton being magnificent (with Beckett this time!), but still criminally underused. I think the reconciliation that has to be coming for Caskett might just be too late.

What were your thoughts? Did the final Caskett wedding anniversary scene make up for what we’ve been missing, or not? Let us know in the comments.