The Walking Dead, S6 Ep6 – Always Accountable

“There’s no going back to how things were.”

This week we catch up with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham as they are suddenly ambushed by a new group of players while on their way back to Alexandria. We don’t know much yet about these newcomers, though the lack of “W” markings on their foreheads means they’re probably not Wolves. But they seem to be just as vicious, or even more so because they have their own guns. Our trio manages to escape them but are split up. Abraham and Sasha find somewhere to crash while waiting for Daryl to track them down.

It’s amazing how The Walking Dead is able to stretch out the events of a couple of days over several episodes. Every moment seems to be crammed with events and given the size of the regular cast, it really does take several episodes to be able to spend time with each character. And though Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha are worth spending time with, in this episode they didn’t seem to be served that well. The pacing was sluggish and the characters had little to do. While quiet, reflective episodes are characteristic of The Walking Dead as much as the action-packed gore-fests, “Always Accountable” wasn’t as engaging as previous entries of this kind such as the Morgan-centric “Here’s Not Here.” We’re just glad that at the end of it, they find each other and get to return to the ruins of Alexandria.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep6 - Always AccountableA bulk of the episode focused on Daryl’s journey as he runs into a trio of scared survivors, seemingly on the run from the group that attacked him. They emphasize that what they have, they have earned and that they refuse to “kneel.” They assume that Daryl is also their enemy so they knock him out, tie him up, and drag him around with them. He goes along with them and then manages to escape with their duffel bag. But when he sees that the bag is filled with insulin, he gets a stab of conscience and returns to them.

For a few moments, he makes a connection and they become less wary of him. They share stories about how they survived by driving a fuel truck into the forest and incinerating a lot of walkers. Daryl asks them the “screening questions,” as he seems to be really getting into his role as a recruiter for Alexandria. He deems them worthy additions to the community and invites them to join him. He even helps them out by luring some of their pursuers into a walker trap. The guy’s friend eventually finds him and chops off his bitten arm. Hardcore.

They stumble upon a house with two corpses of people who used to be their friends. In a gesture that was meant to be touching but that I found extremely careless, this one girl kneels to put flowers over the dead bodies (WITHOUT CHECKING IF THEY WERE LIVE WALKERS) and then proceeds to be devoured by the walkers. If they managed to survive this long, how could they have been so careless? It’s basic stuff. Before you approach dead bodies, make sure they are no longer capable of turning you into a zombie. What is this, amateur hour? I was so frustrated with the sheer stupidity that I didn’t even regret seeing this girl succumb to her (EASILY AVOIDABLE) fate.

I hope these two jerks get eaten by walkers on their way out, I don't even care.

I hope these two jerks get eaten by walkers on their way out, I don’t even care.

And then, the remaining couple TURN ON DARYL, take his crossbow and motorbike and basically leave him behind, determined to survive. Ungrateful jerks. Daryl’s kindness is rewarded with betrayal, something typical of the show but still not less frustrating.

For a world overrun by brain-eating zombies, The Walking Dead seems to get more and more crowded as the seasons progress. I already complained in previous reviews about the citizens of Alexandria, and how the addition of these new characters doesn’t do much to the story, especially since they seem to be disposable anyway. Meeting them briefly only to see them devoured by walkers seems like wasted time, but it may just be my adhering more to the show’s cynical perspective about the value of human life.

Meanwhile, Abraham and Sasha find a place to hang out and have meaningful conversations while waiting for Daryl to find them. They have some down time to discuss their personal philosophies. Sasha calls Abraham out on his constant death wish and his need to always be in the thick of the action. He admits that after discovering Eugene’s lie, he lost a sense of purpose and he is determined to be involved in the gore-fest until eventually dying a bloody and violent death.

The Walking Dead, S6 Ep6 - Always AccountableHe goes out and explores the surrounding area, which happens to have a lot of military supplies. He finds a missile launcher attached to a walker and being unable to separate the walker from the launcher, Abraham expresses his frustration by getting into a yelling competition with it. As he waits and chills out a bit, the walker eventually falls off the launcher and Abraham fortuitously returns to Sasha with some new weapons in tow.

He expresses some newfound hope for the future and a willingness to keep on living. He also suddenly expresses his admiration of Sasha and his eagerness to get to know her better. At first, I interpreted this as a kind of platonic, friendly offer but as the scene progressed, there was some tension between them that suggested something else. Which I would be fine with if I didn’t think of Rosita. Granted, theirs isn’t exactly an epic romance, but I expected Abraham to at least have a little more loyalty to her before trying to get it on with Sasha.

Anyway, he finds a nice, clean military outfit and gets really dapper, which provided a fun image. It is such a rarity on this show to see anyone in new, clean clothes. And he looked good.

Daryl finds a fuel truck and then picks up the other two and they drive back to Alexandria, with Daryl trying to contact Rick and the others through the walkie-talkie, leading to probably the most exciting part of the episode. Right there in those final seconds, we hear a muffled voice cry “Help!”, and I don’t believe my ears deceived me but I think that was Glenn!

After weeks of being denied any closure on Glenn’s fate, we finally get some measly clue as to his fate. And now we have to wait another week before we can get any answers, if at all. But here’s hoping that our weeks of denying his death will not be in vain.