Jessica Jones Hype Continues to Grow

Enthusiasm for Netflix’s and Marvel’s joint venture in Jessica Jones continues to build. How can anyone not want to watch this show after seeing the second trailer? The newest video released for Jessica Jones only sheds light on some of the darkness viewers will be witness to as our heroine takes on her arch nemesis, the evil Killgrave. The two-minute, forty-three-second trailer is littered with scenes giving a glimpse of the various troubles Jessica is constantly finding herself in. Taking time to introduce the characters of Jessica Jones by showing how at risk everyone around her is, Netflix is very clear that for Jessica some things keep coming back to haunt her. In this case it would be the infamous Killgrave, who is shown compelling police officers to commit suicide as they seek to fulfill his demands, aiming guns at one another; he is enjoying himself as he makes others his toys.

Momentum from Netflix and Marvel continues as well, with new photos and moving posters being debuted as the cast circles the media promoting the new venture before its New York premiere next week. The cast travels the world from London to Australia to their final destination in America, giving away what little details they can to expectant fans. The premiere of Jessica Jones will be covered on ABC’s Good Morning America as part of their “40 for 40” event running from 5pm Eastern on November 17 to 9am Eastern on November 19.

Synopses as well as photos for Jessica Jones’ thirteen episodes have also been released, giving itching fans more ammunition to be aching for the November 20th debut. The episodes show that Jessica’s past with Killgrave will be off from the start, as she can never really escape him. Especially when her career and past line up, and Jessica has to search Killgrave out while still trying to handle her daily life. These episodes also promise to shed light on Killgrave’s own past, as well as introduce Luke Cage to his awaiting viewers.

Take a look at the second trailer and official photos below then tell us what you think awaits in the thirteen episode season.

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