iZombie, S2 E5- Love & Basketball

iZombie S2E5- "Love & Basketball"

All’s fair in love and basketball, they say. Well were ‘they’ ever dating a zombie? It complicates things a bit. You can’t even make out with a zombie (the intelligent, not far-gone zombie. You never make out with those zombies. Gross, the thought) without worrying if you’ll be turned into one! Fortunately for us, we don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. Unfortunately for Major and Liv, they do.

iZombie S2E5- "Love & Basketball"

All fair’s in brains and hot sauce.

Before I get into Livjor’s relationship angst, the brain/case of the week!:
A man by the name of Mike Hayden was found dead at his place of employment. Mike may have worked as a security guard, but his true love was being a children’s basketball coach. So, after Liv devours his brain, she’s certainly got all things basketball on the brain. She’s hating on Clive’s love of the Knicks, is finally willing to watch a b-ball game with Major, and insists on naming Ravi’s rats after basketball players.

It isn’t until Mike’s kiddie basketball team members visit the Seattle police station, do Clive and Liv start to round up their suspects. The kids claim it’s one of their fathers, T.J. Ryan. T.J.’s your typical horrible father that wants their child to be the best player he can be, even if it means hitting the kid as punishment for their failures. Thanks to a visit to T.J. Ryan’s house and a vision on Liv’s part, we find that Coach Mike wasn’t fond of T.J. either (there was a choking incident). Alas, the man has an alibi. With the security cameras conveniently turned off during Mike’s murder, it’s difficult to come up with a list of suspects. That is until Clive and Liv find out a fellow co-worker of Mike’s, Harry Cole, was also present that night, via his copy machine code. Harry had a little gambling debt and wanted to dispose of the people that were coming to collect from him. He worked with a co-worker nicknamed “the fixer” to clean up the bodies. But, the fixer also killed Mike. This case is definitely a “wrong place, wrong time” situation with an additional “trust no one” thrown in there.

iZombie S2E5- "Love & Basketball"

Spicy hot sauce and peppers aren’t evil; Gilda is.

Major- The Zombie Slayer: The episode immediately begins after Livjor’s make-out session. They probably would have taken things a step further, if it wasn’t for the possibility that Major could turn into a zombie at any second. Liv and Ravi have yet to distinguish what exactly turns people into zombies, so better be safe than sorry. Liv suggests the two act as friends for the time being. While Major doesn’t decline, he isn’t quite happy about the situation. He’s known Liv for years, Liv’s zombie confession only made their bond stronger. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wanted to be a zombie at times; he probably wouldn’t be on zombie slaying duties anymore. Speaking of, he fabricates a lie to Gilda at Max Rager, saying there are no zombies to be found. Yeah, that might bite him in the butt later.

What are your thoughts on Liv and Major’s relationship? Honestly, I’m surprised by how fond I’ve gotten about these two throughout this season. The two bring out the best in each other, especially Liv with Major (he’s off Utopium, coached the children’s basketball team, etc). While their current dilemma is whether to be in a relationship with Liv as a zombie, things could hit the fan come Liv finding out about Major’s involvement with Max Rager.

iZombie S2E5- "Love & Basketball"

B: “You’re a doctor in a TV show. Shouldn’t you have figured out the cure by now?
R: “Yeah, that’s not how this works.”

The Cure Update: Gabriel the Zombie eventually makes his way to Blaine’s funeral home business, willing to try and cut the Utopium with the original ingredient used. He does this and Blaine sends a vial of it to Ravi in hopes of getting a cure ASAP. Problem is, Blaine doesn’t understand the meaning of 1) patience and 2) science experiments. Ravi’s not mucking around this time. He plans on making zombie rats again and trying to de-zombify them within a controlled environment. The whole process could take months. Yeah, that’s not going to work for Blaine or Gabriel. The two show up at the morgue, searching for the cure. Blaine hilariously sings The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”, and I’m beaming. Gabriel punctures himself with what he thinks is “the cure”. After Gabriel shrivels up and dies (I’m not kidding), Ravi explains to Blaine that that was supposed to be used to make the zombie rats, not cure them! Blaine, seeing it as a perfect use for an anti-zombie killer, wants it. A “grab the anti-zombie killer serum” fight commences, funnily enough to The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love”. If Rahul and David don’t win some sort of award for this scene, I’m writing an angry letter to someone. Favorite scene this season, hands down. Ravi smashes the vial before Blaine can get his hands on it, and we’re back to square one.

Love & Basketball ends with Clive having a strange meeting with the late Lieutenant Suzuki’s wife at the station. Earlier, Clive rather harshly mentioned that Suzuki could have been suicidal and shot himself in the Meat Cute accident. Everyone around him at the station thinks that was incredibly tactless of him to do, but Mrs. Suzuki isn’t so sure. During the meeting with her, she recounts his odd behavior and what she found in his beer fridge’s freezer. A tupperware container of brain. Soon can we welcome Clive Babineaux to the ‘knows of zombies’ gang? Looks like it.

What did you think of Love & Basketball?

Next brain has Liv gambling up a storm.