Castle S8 Ep6 – Cool Boys

We’re back after two weeks away! And whaddya know, all it took was some Adam Baldwin to make me like this episode almost as much as I would have without the Storyline of Stupid!

Nice "West Side Story" reenactment, boys.

Nice West Side Story reenactment, boys.

So this week, Detective Ethan Slaughter (aka Adam Baldwin) shows up to ask Castle for some help with a case of his. It’s quickly revealed that he’s the main suspect in the murder of his CI, Victor – but he insists to Castle that he’s innocent, that he wants to find the actual murderer to clear his name. And although Castle is actually less than thrilled to see his old “friend” again, considering how many times he almost died the last time they worked together, he can’t say no to a genuine request for help. Even though that means lying to Ryan and Espo.

One of the most fun things about this episode is how much more we learn about Slaughter as a character. First of all, he was married – to an opera singer who he met in college, where they both majored in musical theater(!). Well, we know Mr. Baldwin can sing, after all. Castle’s response to Slaughter’s threat of grievous harm if he ever tells anyone this secret: “I’m trying to be scared – I just keep picturing you with jazz hands.” Hee! We also learn that Slaughter is an excellent cook. That leads to one of those disturbing TV moments where they have to leave quickly, abandoning a lot of delicious-looking food. (I’ll eat it! Don’t let it go to waste!)

The best scene of the episode has got to be when Castle uses Slaughter’s knowledge of musical theater so that they can both distract a real bad guy, a man who runs a lot of heists where there are usually dead bodies left behind. This guy wants to use the troubled genius teen that Victor was mentoring, Louis, to crack all the codes to all the safes and offices he can access. (Which is apparently all of them, because Louis is just that good.) I hope Baldwin and Fillion had a blast with that scene, especially. It was certainly fun to watch.

We only get a hint of the continuing tension between Ryan & Espo, since they're mostly united against Slaughter.

We only get a hint of the continuing tension between Ryan & Espo, since they’re mostly united against Slaughter.

The actual murderer is the guy who was in charge of the mentoring program. He saw Louis as an opportunity to get revenge on a former employer, and thus came into conflict with Victor while they broke into the same building at the same time.

Of course, it turns out that Louis needs a new mentor by the end of the episode – and Slaughter steps up to the plate. I’ve enjoyed both of his episodes quite a bit. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again, if this show has to continue.

As far as other plotlines go, Beckett’s not around this week at all. Traveling, or something. I barely missed her, which makes me sad since I used to love Beckett so much. However, there were another couple of scenes with Hayley Shipton. She was delightful, especially in how she shut down Slaughter’s skeevy comments. I don’t really understand why they added her to the regular cast when she only gets one or two scenes, maximum.

Next week is Castle and Beckett’s anniversary. I feel like something’s gotta give by then. What do you think?