Reign, S3 E3- Extreme Measures

Reign S3E03- "Extreme Measures"
Reign S3E03- "Extreme Measures"

And I love you, like never before.

Francis may be dying, but he can still pack a punch (or wield a sword in his case). As we delve further into this season of Reign, we know that as each episode passes the likelihood of Francis dying increases. But, seeing how Francis is still in good spirits (as much as he can muster), we should be, too!

“Extreme Measures” begins with Mary trying to discuss the future alliance between France and Scotland to Charles. Thinking she’s talking about making actual heirs (ie. sex), he puffs out his chest and raves about how experienced he is in that particular area. Sure you are, little buddy. But before Mary can correct him, Charles becomes distracted by a similar-aged girl and old friend of his, Constance, the Duke of Toulouse’s daughter. More on them in a bit (she’s quite the party girl).

Everyone at court is wondering where Francis has been lately, unaware of his illness. The one most curious/suspicious is Nicholas, England’s newly appointed ambassador. He’s been in French court for some time now, keen on meeting and later negotiating with Francis. Unbeknownst to him, Francis has been resting in his room all the while. This soon changes when Condé’s older brother, Antoine of Navarre, arrives and expects Francis’ presence (Mary simply won’t cut it). But just as Francis is all decked out in his finest furs to meet with Antoine, arm-in-arm with Mary, he suddenly falls to the floor unconscious. The guards manage to gather around Francis in time to catch anyone from seeing, fortunately. But this begs the ultimate question: how long will Francis survive?

Reign S3E03- "Extreme Measures"

“Oh won’t you stay with me? ‘Cause you’re all I need.”

After the whole stairs fiasco and some much-needed rest from Francis, both Mary and Francis enter the party of the night and Francis never falters. Sure, you can see the pain in his eyes with each step he takes, and he looks so pale that he could be on iZombie, but no one questions it. Just as Francis thinks he’s in the clear and can rest on a chair, a party-goer insists the King and Queen have the first dance. After all, it wouldn’t be a party without an opening dance from the royals themselves. It’s also a great way for Francis to keep up a healthy appearance. While this scene was just a simple dance, it really showed the pair’s love and devotion for one another. This could very well be the last dance the two share with each other, for all they know! To intensify the ‘Frary’ feelings, the song of choice is a string quartet version of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me“. If this orchestrated version wasn’t enough, Mary actually mutters, “stay with me” several times to regain Francis’ focus and strength during the dance. Or you could take this scene and the song meaning on a whole new tearjerker level and say that it represents Mary’s longing for Francis to stay in her life longer. Either way, you’re going to end up crying your eyes out.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles and Constance have a little party of their own. Charles managed to grab his older brother’s prescribed opium and the two teenagers decide it’s a good idea to spike their wine with it. Mere seconds after drinking the combination (which for Constance was mostly opium), she starts choking and becomes unconscious. Thinking he’s killed her, he runs to the only person he knows that’s partied too hard in her day: Claude. But once inspecting Constance’s condition, Claude knows no way to help the poor girl. Unless they bring in the runner up potions master extraordinaire, Narcisse. At first, he wants nothing to do with this ‘dispose of the dead girl’ operation. Upon seeing that Constance is alive, but barely breathing, he takes action. Using a macgyvered stomach pump, he safely brings her back to consciousness. Constance being well does not get Charles off scot-free, however. Narcisse explains to Charles that his actions reflect not only on his future reign as king, but on Francis as well. Let’s hope this notion puts little Charles in perspective and he’s willing to act less like a teenager and more like a future ruler.

Reign S3E03- "Extreme Measures"

“I still don’t understand why you wasted half a season pining after my brother.”

During the party’s festivities, Bash (don’t worry, he’s still worrying about Delphine) reveals to Mary and Francis that Antoine has secretly been meeting with Nicholas, in hopes to sign off his claim to England instead of France. By doing so, this would mean Condé would never be able to return home, and that Elizabeth would have something else that Mary doesn’t. Who better to sic on Nicholas to back him off Antoine’s claim? Our newly released from prison queen, Catherine. She’s back and ready to do anything to save Francis in his time of need. The ‘anything’ being cornering Nicholas and threatening to tell all the secrets about England/Elizabeth if he keeps on negotiating with Antoine. “I don’t have much to live for these days, but I can still die for my children. Withdraw your offer or I will burn Elizabeth’s name to the ground.” It’s good to have Catherine back in our lives, when she’s not causing harm to herself in order to see Francis, etc.

Reign S3E03- "Extreme Measures"

Catherine de’ Medici is back!

With Nicholas’ presence no longer an issue, Francis and Mary can successfully have Antoine sign away his claim to France. During their meeting, all goes well. Until Francis’ ear begins bleeding and the truth of his illness reaches the surface. Why would Antoine want to put his faith in a king that could die at any moment. Silly ‘Twan. Francis isn’t a regular king, he’s a cool king (that Mean Girls reference went out the window, didn’t it?). A king that could unexpectedly kill a man right before your eyes, and it wouldn’t even phase him. You should fear a dying king, Antoine; they’re capable of anything.

I bet all you Lola and Narcisse fans adored the final concluding event of Extreme Measures. After Constance’s near death, and Narcisse’s hero moment (not to mention, putting Charles in his place), Francis finds to have underestimated him. It’s clear to him that Narcisse does care about others besides himself. Francis allows the courtship and marriage of Lola and Narcisse to commence. Just one condition: he wants the wedding to occur immediately so he can be present. I’m not crying, I just have something in my eye.

What did everyone think of Reign‘s 2.03: “Extreme Measures”?

Next recap: With Delphine back in the picture, can Francis’ life be saved in the exchange for someone else?

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