Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., S3 Ep06 – Among Us Hide

Last week’s episode, “4,722 Hours”, focused only on Jemma Simmons and the time she spent on an alien world, forcing us to wait another week before finding out what happened to Agent May’s ex-husband Andrew Garner. He was last seen caught in a explosion caused by Werner Von Strucker, son of Baron Von Strucker. Fortunately, “Among Us Hide” begins with us finding out that Andrew is alive and well. Although that doesn’t stop May from continuing to get her revenge, and only allows her to be more motivated in finding former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Grant Ward. Meanwhile, Coulson tries to get closer to Rosalind Price and the ATCU, and Daisy, Mack, and Hunter continue their search for Lash.


On a hunt for Lash

After Hunter’s not-so-smart move to try and take down Ward knowing Andrew’s life was at stake, Hunter is no longer working directly with May. Bored without a mission of his own he tags along with Daisy and Mack. This subplot involving the three of them continuing to search for Lash unfortunately gave us no new information on Lash himself. Although, it did supply some funny moments with Hunter and his act first way of doing things, as he ices ATCU Agent Banks and punches him in the face to get a blood sample. Unfortunately, Banks wasn’t the Inhuman they thought he was, but his cell phone at least led them to where Rosalind and the ATCU are keeping the Inhumans they’ve found.

We find out that the ATCU is freezing Inhumans until a cure for them can be obtained. Rosalind sees it as putting someone in a medically induced coma until they are able to help them. While it may seem sinister and strange for the ATCU to do this, we can sympathize with Rosalind and understand where she’s coming from when she uses her deceased husband as an example. Coulson, who spent the day getting close with Rosalind, has appropriately mixed feelings about what the ATCU is doing, but decides not to get in their way. When Daisy sees Coulson’s apparent approval of what the ATCU is doing she can’t believe it, and bluntly states they cannot continue to work with them. I was expecting Daisy to confront Coulson about what they both saw at the ATCU facility, but perhaps their confrontation will occur in next week’s episode.

The more exciting moments of “Among Us Hide” involved Agents May and Bobbi and their mission to find Von Strucker. We see Bobbi is somewhat gun-shy after what happened to her in season two, and attempts to use violence as a last resort. This doesn’t fly well when working with May, as she’s all about kicking ass this week. Eventually Bobbi does get her mojo back when fighting a Hydra agent near a pool, and even uses her electric batons to electrify the pool taking down the Hydra agent.

Their mission leads to them finding Werner Von Strucker captured and tortured by Ward’s Hydra agents. Once the Hydra agents are no more May attempts to talk with Von Strucker, and finds out something shocking about what went down in the explosion that nearly killed her ex-husband. Von Strucker reveals the biggest twist of the season so far, saying that Andrew changed into some kind of monster. We then see a flashback of what really happened on that day and find out that Andrew is Lash. It seems the only reason he’s been working so closely with S.H.I.E.L.D. lately is to find more Inhumans and kill them. Now we just need to know what his motivation is and how long he has been Inhuman. Did he get his Inhuman abilities from the tainted fish like so many other people, or was he chosen and given his abilities before then? I thought this was a pretty shocking twist, as the team has been looking for someone working with the ATCU the whole time, never considering Lash might have been one of their own.

Just Ward being evil

Just Ward being evil

“Among Us Hide” didn’t focus too much on Fitz and Simmons’ current predicament, since last week’s episode gave us a lot of insight into that story. There were a few scenes devoted to this as we hear Hunter’s opinions on the subject. He questions Fitz on why Fitz should want to help Jemma rescue what can be deemed his competition. I definitely don’t agree with Hunter’s point of view, but it’s not surprising that someone would think this. Hopefully, Hunter’s opinion doesn’t bear any weight with Fitz and he continues to help Jemma return to that alien planet and rescue Will.

Also, Powers Boothe made an appearance on “Among Us Hide”. His character Gideon Malick basically sells out Werner Von Strucker to Ward. Watching this episode I forgot Boothe had a small role in Marvel’s Avengers as a member of the World Security Council who gave Nick Fury orders. It’s safe to say that this is the same character from that movie, but of course back in 2012 we didn’t know he was actually part of Hydra.

Overall, “Among Us Hide” was a fun episode with a decent, but somewhat absurd twist. I’m looking forward to seeing how Andrew’s current state will affect the team and what his motivations are. Is there an actual reason he kills Inhumans, or is he just a monster with no justification? It looks like next week’s episode entitled “Chaos Theory” will focus a lot on this subject matter. Check out the promo for “Chaos Theory” below and feel free to let us know your thoughts on “Among Us Hide” in the comments.