Gotham casts Mr. Freeze and Hugo Strange

Two new villains will soon be joining the mayhem currently ensuing in the second season of Gotham.

Nathan DarrowEarlier this week, TVLine reported that Nathan Darrow (House of Cards) has been cast as the iconic villain Victor Fries, otherwise known as Mr. Freeze. Gotham EP told TVLine that the character will be making his first appearance in the November 30 episode, and the show will focus on his story in Episodes 12 and 13.

Here’s the official character description:

“Though ferociously smart and eminently capable in his work as one of Gotham’s cryogenic engineers, Victor struggles to make meaningful connections with others. The one exception is his wife, Nora, who has tragically fallen ill with a terminal disease. Victor’s love for Nora knows no bounds, so as her condition worsens, he goes to extreme measures to figure out a way to freeze her before she dies. This harrowing journey leads to his transformation into the legendary DC villain, Mr. Freeze.”

B.D. WongAnother addition to Gotham‘s cast of villains is Hugo Strange, who will be played by Tony-winning actor B.D. Wong (Jurassic World, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit), Entertainment Weekly confirms. Strange is a psychiatrist hired to run Arkham Asylum who also hides a dark secret: an obsession with “pushing the limits of the human mind and body” that leads to his secretly conducting “horrifying experiments” at the recently revealed Indian Hill facility , a Wayne Enterprises program dedicated to creating the ultimate superhuman (or supervilain, these things tend to go both ways.)

Gotham‘s second season airs Mondays on Fox.

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