iZombie, S2 E3- Real Dead Housewife of Seattle

iZombie S2E3- "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

Fashion’s on the brain for Liv in this episode, 2.03: “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”. Surprisingly, with all of the talk of shoe brands, dresses, and whatnot, I gained an appreciation for clothes and the fashion industry (not that I could afford half of the clothes/shoes anyway).

iZombie S2E3- "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

It’s my birthday, and I won’t tell anyone about it if I want to!

The Brain/Case of the Week: As the episode begins, we are introduced to Taylor Fowler, rich housewife extraordinaire. A “realtor” comes to the house wanting a tour for an estimate, which turns into murder. An attempted throw off the balcony later and Taylor’s dead and the murderer is in a coma. At least the view of the patio was stunning? “She looks as tasty as she was tasteful,” Ravi mutters as Liv begins to chow down on her rather beautifully presented brain meal. Taylor’s brain side effects have Liv going through a dramatic wardrobe change and having an interest in drama. “I wear this dress like someone’s paying me to,” she says to a stunned Ravi and Clive. Without skipping a beat, Ravi twirls around in his lab coat and replies, “As do I with this.” I swear, Ravi/Rahul needs to stop being so hilarious sometimes.

The ongoing murder case for Taylor Fowler has Clive and Liv questioning both Taylor’s husband, Terrence, and his stylist, Bethany Miller. Terrence appears to be going through the motions of grieving for his wife, that is until Liv has a vision of Taylor sleeping with Seattle’s most eligible bachelor, Vaughn Du Clark. Yes, I know – Vaughn. Liv groans and shouts “Ew!” so we don’t have to. At least Liv isn’t entirely swayed by Taylor’s brain. Anyway, Terrence has no clue about his wife’s affair and shockingly smashes his hand against his glass coffee table in rage. I bet you regret that decision, Terrence.

Liv ends up befriending Bethany; first bonding over the perfect pair of strappy shoes, to eventually a fine day of discounted retail therapy. It wouldn’t be an iZombie episode without the murder victim being revealed. Clive comes across a sugar daddy dating website in his police findings that Terrence frequently visited. You know who also visited it (several times, through several different aliases)? Bethany Miller! She’s the one that hired the hit man, in hopes of scoring some serious cash (like she’s done countless of times in the past). Unfortunately for Liv, she’s literally shopping with her when Clive calls her to inform her. But if it wasn’t for this shopping outing, Bethany might not be behind bars. That and we would have missed out on an awesome full-on zombie mode moment from Liv.

iZombie S2E3- "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

Peyton’s back. Everything is right in the world

Everyone’s favorite D.A returns!
It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Peyton Charles (Alyson Michalka) has returned on iZombie and I couldn’t be happier! Both Ravi and Liv are completely surprised to find that she is a) back in town and b) she’s taking over the Utopium case. The creators of iZombie teased on several occasions that Peyton would have a bigger story arc this season, and boy does she ever! No more will she be just “the roommate” or “best friend”. Judging from the glimpse of the news report and how important the drug Utopium is on this show in general, we can expect to see a lot of character development for Peyton this season and I am all for it.

Michalka’s scenes may be brief (including the news report, she only appears in two scenes), but boy do they pack a punch. Ravi comes home after his date with Stephanie to find her there visiting Major; it’s obvious he’s worried about how awkward this situation could be. But in my eyes, it’s far from it. Ravi’s “crushed the date” and Peyton wants to hear all about it. The two hug and there is no apprehension or doubt in sight. Yes, Peyton has unexpectedly been gone for months. Yes, Ravi has moved on from her. But with the zombie cat out of the bag, conversations will flow and the duo (and overall group) will be whole again once more. And of course let’s not forget the fact that Peyton was the only one to know about/remember Liv’s birthday! (Major, I am going to let the whole “forgetting Liv’s birthday” thing slide because you’re not in the best state).

iZombie S2E3- "Real Dead Housewife of Seattle"

Ravi and Peyton. Forever friends or will their love rekindle?

This brings me to iZombie‘s latest installment of what I’m calling: Major the Zombie Slayer.
Since obtaining Utopium in “Zombie Bro“, Major has been unable to put the drug down. He constantly needs a fix, otherwise it’s “zombie killing” guilt for him. Gilda reminds him that the suspected zombie list must be completely evaluated (i.e. kill each confirmed zombie) A.S.A.P, not whenever he feels like it. So, when his ‘zombie detecting’ abilities track a zombie down, he must act on it. By no means does he enjoy it. The heartbreaking scene of the episode is when Major stuns his target zombie while the man is jogging with his adorable basset hound. The dog survives and becomes Rajor’s newest house pet (to Ravi’s surprise). As for the owner? Similar to his previous killings, Major shoots the zombie and disposes of him by dumping him off the bridge into a body of water. Was anyone as affected by this scene as I was? The poor man is heard yelling things like, “Don’t hurt my dog! You can have whatever you want, just don’t hurt my dog.” Major not being heartless (or Blaine), doesn’t. But I can’t help but wonder what the dog itself is wondering. Clearly the pup has enough intelligence to realize that his owner was killed (I realize I’m overthinking this). Overall, where does everyone stand in the “feel bad for Major” scale?

What did everyone think of iZombie‘s 2.03: “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”?

Next brain has Liv dabbling in country music. Yeehaw!