Reign, S3 E2- Betrothed

Reign S3E02- "Betrothed"

With the announcement and overall shock of Francis’ eventual death behind us, we can dive right into the important matters at hand. Like what are they to do with Catherine, after she betrayed everyone yet again? And, will Mary wed Charles and rule alongside him after Francis passes?

We’ve seen Francis tell Mary about his illness. But how will his family members react?

Reign S3E02- "Betrothed"

It’s a little too late to start caring about me, Mom.

Each House of Valois family member acts differently towards the news. Because of this, I thought it best to categorize this recap/review for each family member’s response/overall plot throughout the episode.

  • Claude: France’s bad-ass little princess is finally back on our TV screens. Claude’s character has always surprised me. She was first introduced as this young girl that believed in no rules, endless parties, and flirting with any man that interests her. All of that is still true, but she’s also incredibly independent and doesn’t see the need to tie herself down to any man. Once in her bed chambers after hearing the deadly news, she begins rummaging around her room for something. Her most prized blanket has gone missing and she orders Leith (who still is under the role of her bodyguard) to track it down. Seeing how Catherine is locked away in the dungeon (which I will get into later), he isn’t her measly servant anymore. But what Leith fails to realize until later, is that the blanket is much more then a material possession. It was a gift from King Henry, who has passed. Now with Francis dying, what comforting family member will she have left? What I admire most about Claude is she puts up such a facade, but on the inside – she’s just this scared little lioness.
  • Reign S3E02- "Betrothed"

    “You are going to make a fine King. And I’ll rarely go behind your back and kill people.”

    Catherine and Charles: Charles is definitely upset about Francis’ impending death, but being a teenager – he’s more worried that he didn’t pay enough attention in his ‘How to be King’ classes. He doesn’t even have an inkling on how to rule a country! I’d like to add that neither did Francis when we first met him. On top of that, he has to wed Mary?! Teenagers; so dramatic. Mary’s fine with it. “I’ll marry your brother, even though it breaks my heart,” she said earlier in the episode. On second thought, maybe not. We’ll hold off on the big question for the time being, I guess.

    Even though she’s locked away for treason, Catherine is still Francis’ mother and deserves to know of her son’s fate. They fill her in on the bad news and allow her to meet with Charles in private. Catherine uses this one-on-one with her youngest son to teach him the politics and financial aspects of ruling a country. For him to get a sense of finance records, she instructs him to contact Lord Germain and specifically write, “full reckoning of the realm’s accounts.” But, that specific wording was a code to assassinate the entire village of Navarre! The entire Bourbon line would be wiped clean, including children and infants. Knowing of Catherine’s tricky ways, Mary has been keeping a close eye on Catherine’s cell the entire time. Charles learns this and is immediately on Team Frary afterwards. Catherine claims she did it out of protection. Repeat after me, Cat: every solution to a problem is not to poison/murder people! Stop the violence! Catherine wants to see Francis, but Mary denies her request. She throws an absolute hissy fit, complete with banging her head against the door. Tone your drama queen antics down a notch, girl. You’re only hurting yourself, literally.

  • Reign S3E02- "Betrothed"

    Mother of the Year Award: Catherine de’ Medici

    Lola: Lola is incorporated into this list for two reasons: 1) She is the mother of Francis’ child, thus she’s family. 2) She has a rather intriguing subplot throughout the episode. We first see her in her natural habitat: the bath. This time she’s alone, or is she? As she scrounges around the basin, trying to grab something that’s irritating her, she pulls out a dead rat! I repeat, a dead rat! Never will I fantasize about living in the 1500’s; I’ll take my quaint little shower/bath, thanks. Lola runs to Narcisse to tell him about the rodent. Turns out it also had a note in its mouth. “One rat down, two to go.” To her, it’s a perfect reason why they can’t be together. If someone’s plotting against them getting married, why do it? (Un)fortunately (depending on how you look at it), this only makes Narcisse want to court Lola more. He plans a lovely picnic for two at their favorite spot. He pops the marriage idea into her head again, and she turns him down…again.
    Lola’s opinion on courting Narcisse will change after Mary tells her the news about Francis. Being a former lady-in-waiting and still a close friend, she’s devastated by the news of course. But, she realizes that she can marry Narcisse down the line. Which certainly makes Narcisse happy. Spoiler alert: he placed the rat in the bath. In a way, that was obvious. Man loves his baths.

What were your thoughts on 3.02: “Betrothed”?

Looks like Catherine is still being a drama queen I see. And Francis may be a “dying king”, but he doesn’t give up that easily.

Reign airs Fridays at 8/7c on the CW.

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