NYCC 2015 – The Man in the High Castle Asks What If…

What if...

What if…

Amazon Original Programming has been on a roll lately and they’re currently throwing their weight behind an incredibly ambitious project. The classic Philip K. Dick novel, The Man in the High Castle, asks the question – what would the world be like if the Germans and Japanese had won World War II?

The pilot and first episode are now available on The Man in the High Castle boasts an incredible cast and evocative narrative relevant to today’s concerns. We got a chance to chat with the intelligent and insightful cast at New York Comic Con.

Frank Spotnitz (The X-Files, Millenium) wears three hats on this one – Executive Producer, Writer & Creator. With a deep respect for the origin material, Spotnitz feels like the time is right for this thinky and multi-layered story.

Alexa Davalos quickly embraced the character of Julianna and her difficult moral decisions. And even fangirl Davalos (she loved the book) feels the changes made only enhance the message and meaning of the story.

DJ Qualls said no to this project repeatedly – until one morning director David Semel called to set him straight. He’s settled into the mythology of the series, as well as the understandable actions of his character.

A love of the original novel propelled Joel de la Fuenta into accepting the role of the enigmatic Inspector Kido. He has strong feelings about the relevance of The Man in the High Castle in today’s world.

Long-time character actor Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa felt a deeply personal connection to this project, as a Japanese-American. Bringing that aspect to the role opened a whole new realm of potential to his performance.

Check out the trailer and consider the what if’s of Philip K. Dick’s alternative history!