Jessica Jones Will Take You Somewhere You Didn’t Know Possible

With four weeks to go until Jessica Jones transfixes our minds for thirteen straight hours of binge-worthy watching, it’s about time we give our spoiler-free episode preview. The good news is that no one will be let down by the caliber of show Netflix and Marvel have put together. Action packed shots mixed with dark alleyways and even deeper secrets leave the viewer constantly on the lookout for what will happen next. Readers of Alias have nothing to be afraid about. As someone who grew up reading Alias myself, I was hesitant to believe that anyone could do the wonder that Brian Bendis and Michael Gaydos created justice. Jessica Jones not only beautifully represents Alias artistically, but catapults it further than anything readers had envisioned possible.

As various trailers were released I, just as many others, loved the little we got. Excitement increased with every second, every hint at who or what was going to happen during this show. Especially when fans were given the tantalizing whispers by David Tennant as the horrible Kilgrave. It was so easy to fall into the trap of anticipation, blindly following and believing the rumors that they toned Kilgrave down for the show. Maybe that is what is so scary about Kilgrave – you are lured into a false sense of safety.

This is one role you will not love David Tennant in. You will hate him in the worst way possible. Gone from the screen is the man who played the Doctor, who many have come to love as an ornery detective inspector and have watched grow as an actor over the years. No, this so-called David Tennant is not the Tennant we have come to love. David Tennant takes creepy to a whole new level. After seeing Jessica Jones no one will be confusing him with the Doctor anymore. He will terrorize you until you beg for him to stop, then make you think it was all a dream for the hell of it. Before your eyes he is transformed beyond anything he’s ever done before. This is his best role yet. Tennant must have pushed himself further than ever before, because he is unrecognizable as the distressing Kilgrave haunting Jessica’s every waking moment.

Words cannot begin to encapsulate the rich acting exhibited in one episode. Not only by Tennant; Krysten Ritter plays the role she was born for. I’ll admit I was hesitant that the same person who played the Bitch in Studio B could adequately portray the hesitant superhero thirteen-year-old me idolized as I followed her post-trauma journey. And honestly, Krysten Ritter does not adequately portray Jessica Jones. Krysten is Jessica Jones. She utterly embodies the character better than anyone could have imagined. Jeph Loeb joked during the NYCC panel that Krysten showed up in ripped jeans, boots, and a leather jacket, stating she always dressed that way. After seeing the first episode there is no reason to doubt her. It is as if Alias was written just so she could have this role one day. Anyone else would have fallen short. Embodying Jessica Jones the way she was meant to be, Ritter bring Jones to life perfectly showing her flaws and her weaknesses, but most of all exhibiting her strengths amidst the brokenness.

Netflix did it right, allowing viewers to get inside the mind of Jessica just like the comics did. From the first episode alone viewers are able to see the conflict in this flawed character, as they are kept on the edge of their seats only to be left with mouths wide open as it ends. Jessica Jones has just enough mystery and back story to keep you tuning in for more without losing you along the way, delivering on the promise made to go deeper than Daredevil. The dark side of Marvel is here.

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself below at the official trailer released today. Are you ready for the darkness?