iZombie, S2 E2- Zombie Bro

iZombie S2E2- "Zombie Bro"
iZombie S2E2- "Zombie Bro"

How does one master the bro walk?

“Zombie Bro” is one of those episodes in a show, where you think it’s just going to be filled with hilarious one liners and a potentially drama-free plot. You think to yourself, “Liv’s going to be on ‘frat bro brain’, what possible heart-wrenching moment could occur?” Sure, Liv’s on bro brain, but what about Major?

The episode kicks off at a raving fraternity party, this week’s scene of the crime. With a house full of people, how could a murder take place? Easy: costumes. Some partiers are in masks, full on body suits, you name it. Our Julius-Caesar-dressed victim is the host of the party. As the host, he hugs a blue furry costumer (later it’s known the blue furry friend is Captain Wazzle). Usually at parties, guests don’t stab the party host several times when hugging. So of course, Julius Caesar bro wasn’t expecting it. Caesar is stabbed in the back several times, and no one is the wiser around him.

When the Seattle PD is alerted and present, the victim’s name is revealed to be Chad Wolkoff. Chad Wolkoff was your typical bro: a prankster, partier, and chill college student. Who would want to hurt him? Maybe the other Chad Wolkoff, who had the unpleasant experience of dealing with a intoxicated frat bro Chad at one of his drunk driving lectures. Or the fraternity pledge whose life was “ruined” by Wolkoff. But while the murder case can be resolved in a few, Liv’s bro antics are worth mentioning. “I hope you like Jägerbombs and homoerotic subtext,” Ravi tells Liv right before Liv’s taste of nachos à la bro (yes, I am using bro more than Barney Stinson ever did throughout this recap/review). Well it becomes clear that Liv’s frat boy brain enjoys the frequent party and alcoholic drink. This is clearly represented at the party Liv (and Gilda, Vaughn’s assistant) attends for “work”. She plays a mean game of beer pong, as well as takes so many drinks that I’m wondering how she’s still standing. What does everyone think of Gilda? If she thinks spying on a zombie is going to be a piece of cake, she better think again.

iZombie S2E2- "Zombie Bro"

“So, that’s how you win at beer pong?”

The Chad Wolkoff murder case concludes when it’s revealed that his murder was a complete accident. The other Chad Wolkoff was supposed to be killed. The murderer’s father was killed in a drunk driving accident caused by other Chad Wolkoff years prior. Other!Chad killed an innocent man and feels absolutely horrible, as he cries at the station. Way to make the biggest mistake of your life.

Before I get into what is the beginning of Major’s intriguing story arc, let’s see how our problematic fave, Blaine now-human DeBeers, is doing. He is still concocting a master plan to take over the Seattle zombie world, even while human. The infamous Boss (Eddie Jemison) is mentioned and I already cannot wait to see him in upcoming episodes. Blaine is in need of some serious cash if he wants to get his plans afloat. His go-to for that is his father (played by: Robert Knepper). Things we learn: 1) Angus DeBeers is a zombie and was the first person Blaine ever turned. 2) He isn’t exactly the nicest guy. Throughout Blaine’s life, it seems he has asked for thousands after thousands of dollars from his father for various projects; none have been successful. Angus doesn’t even cave with cash. In terms of Mr. DeBeers’ personality, it seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in Blaine’s case.

iZombie S2E2- "Zombie Bro"

Can we kick this bromance up a notch and hit up a rave? For science of course

Now onto my favorite and most talked about plot from this episode. Being the scientist that he is, Ravi is dying to get his hands on some Utopium to try and create an eventual redesigned zombie cure. Where illegal drugs, come raves/dance clubs; since Ravi has little to no knowledge of the process of buying drugs enter his favorite roommate, Major!

Once there, all Major is required to do is monitor how Ravi behaves on Utopium and make sure he’s well taken care of, etc. But seeing how much fun Ravi’s having and seeing that it’s an obvious stress reliever of sorts (something he could clearly use), Major takes Utopium with Ravi. What follows was both hilarious and heartbreaking. Ravi doesn’t get much useful data from the voicemails he occasionally makes to himself for observations. He mainly just blurts out ravings about glitter, how beautiful everything is, and how much fun he’s having. Ravi’s having a grand ‘ol time; Major is not. After someone calls Liv using Major’s phone (she’s listed as an emergency contact), she rushes to the club, to find her ex-fiancee lying beside a bathroom stall toilet. Liv and Ravi (who manages to come off his “everything is awesome” Utopium high), just assume he’s had too much. As Liv comforts Major he says, “I won’t let anything happen to you.” Clearly not understanding the context of his words (and also being on bro brain), she responds with, “And I won’t shave your eyebrows.”

The viewers know he’s referring to the fact that he’s now taken on this ‘zombie slayer’ role; killing innocent zombies because of his blackmail situation. Major probably dreads the day that he or someone else will be given the task to kill Liv. Having these thoughts plague him every day must be draining. Which is why it comes as no surprise that Major has taken a liking to the Utopium drug. The following day, when Liv tries to visit Major, he refuses to exit his room to see her. 1) Because he’s on Utopium and 2) Seeing her probably brings up all the zombie slaying thoughts I just mentioned.

What were your thoughts on iZombie 2.02: “iZombie Bro”? How about Major’s current story-line? Major is in for a bumpy ride and it will definitely be a hard thing to watch.

Honorable Lines/Moments:

  • Liv drawing on a sleeping Ravi. “Brain fart. Whole new level.”
  • All the ‘bro mentions’. “I’m trying to be bro-active.” and “Right now I’ve got one word in my bro-cabulary.”
  • “So once one purchases the drugs, where does one do them?” Ravi raving on Utopium. Correction: RaJor raving on Utopium.

Next iZombie episode*, 2.03: “Real Dead Housewife of Seattle”, has Liv becoming a rich housewife.

Liv technically may be a “house wife”, but all I see is an American Rachel Duncan for some reason. At :14, that hair flip? So Rachel.

*Unfortunately for us folks in the Midwest, the newest iZombie episode doesn’t air until this Sunday (10/25) at 9/8c.