‘Beauty and the Beast’ Cancelled After Fourth Season

Fans of the CW TV series Beauty and the Beast, unfortunate news has surfaced. The part-fantasy part-supernatural series will conclude after its 13-episode final season.

Don't frown, Beasties; celebrate! There's still a Season 4!

Don’t frown, Beasties; celebrate! There’s still a Season 4!

This news may or may not come as a surprise to longtime fans of the show, Beasties (the fandom name). While the show hasn’t had outstanding ratings over the past two seasons, the CW has still surprisingly renewed it. Beauty and the Beast (or BATB for short) was even given a fourth season prior to its third season premiere.

Earlier this year, when the show had been renewed for a fourth season, CW president Mark Pedowitz commented on the renewal and future for the show.

“I truly like it as a summer series. It gives us original programming. One of our goals for the network is to have year-round programming, and we’re doing more and more of this. I plan to keep it there.”

Alas, a few months later, the third season aired to a meek audience, thus the cancellation.

Look on the bright side, Beasties! Vincent and Catherine are finally married and with the early cancellation announcement, the show can properly tie up loose ends and give us the best series finale possible.

Anything you would like to see happen in BATB’s final season?

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As of right now the show has a tentative mid-season/summer 2016 premiere date.