NYCC: In the Press Room with Gotham!

Gotham Season 2Gotham‘s second season is off to an explosive, deadly start – “The Rise of the Villains” has been intense! At the recent NYCC, we sat down in the press room with the fantastic cast of the Fox hit to hear their insights, teases and wish lists for the new season.

Jim Gordon is going to need some help in keeping Gotham safe or at least himself alive. So the GCPD has welcome DC’s own Michael Chiklis as the brand new police captain Barnes. Will he be more Vic Mackey or another (mostly) white-hatted hero like Gordon? Chiklis dished on his character, his history with the DC Universe and his love of the type of television Gotham is producing right now.

Here’s what you need to know about Barbara Gordon in season two of Gotham – she’s not quite ready to become the Future Mother of Batgirl. Galavanting with the Galavants – juggling siblings Theo and Tabitha – and wrecking havoc, Erin Richards is having a ball acting out! As for Jessica Lucas’s Tigress – yes. That outfit has a certain feline quality, which just might influence another resident of Gotham!

Cory Michael Smith and Robin Lord Taylor are charming and personable young men – playing two of the most complex and fascinating villains in the DC Universe’s Gotham at the moment. Riddler and Penguin are just growing into their bad guy personas and their paths are about to cross!

The last good man in Gotham (or thereabouts), Jim Gordon has had a rough road since taking a badge in the dangerous city. Ben McKenzie shared some insight on Jim and the difficult journey ahead while James Frain (the evil Theo Galavant) dropped his own two cents on his uber charming, uber dangerous bad guy.

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