Castle S8 Ep5 – The Nose

This was a fun episode, and if it weren’t for the continuation of the Plotline That Makes No Sense, I’d even call it one of the most enjoyable in a while.

This scene with Mia, as well as her interactions with Martha, were pretty hilarious.

This scene with Mia, as well as her interactions with Martha, were pretty hilarious.

A guy is murdered in a parking garage, and the only witness is a woman named Mia with hyperosmia, or hypersensitivity to smell. She’s one of the best parts of the episode by far. At first reluctant to work with Castle or the others at all because they all smell gross, Mia is convinced by Castle’s persistence (and the persistent odor he creates in her apartment) to use her ability to help track down the murderer. The victim was a transporter of high value items, and was murdered for the van Gogh he was supposed to be transporting.

Hayley Shipton is back for this ep, since she was hired by the insurance company to track down the van Gogh. She’s a pleasure to have around, as she was the first time: competent, smart, quippy, and this time willing to work with Beckett & company. But it’s Mia and Castle who are the best team this week. Once she gets into actually doing stuff outside her comfort zone, she not only helps capture a suspect, but uses her nose to determine that the painting they thought was the van Gogh was a forgery. This is crucial to solving the case. In the end, it’s poor murdered Justin’s younger brother who is revealed to be the killer. He wanted the money from selling the van Gogh to pay off his gambling debts. Somehow I knew it when they interviewed him. It’s something about the first person they interview, whether it’s a family member or not.

The moment in this ep that had me pausing so I could laugh out loud for a good while came after Ryan, who failed the sergeant’s exam, accidentally shoots Esposito (who passed the exam) in the rear end while chasing down a suspect. Espo is fine after a few stitches, but understandably angry. And of course this leads to plenty of jokes about both him and Ryan. The kicker is when Castle and Mia find out, though, and Castle calls them “Crackshot Ryan” and “Ass-posito.” Priceless!

All I'm saying is, they already broke up one couple. Two would be two too many.

All I’m saying is, they already broke up one couple. Two would be two too many.

After this, though, I’m a little worried that our boys aren’t going to kiss and make up very easily. Only one of them passed the sergeant’s exam, and that’s bound to keep causing tension (unless Ryan passes next time, I suppose). And Ryan managed to humiliate his partner, more than once this ep. Maybe Captain Beckett will have to order them into therapy, after all.

Speaking of therapy, Mia tells Castle throughout the ep (including in a speech at the end) that Beckett is still in love with him. They have the kind of love that’s the opposite of a forgery. Yes, we know… so stop it with the contrived separation, already! This episode, my sister & I agreed, is exactly like classic Castle: cute, funny, some cleverness, somewhat predictable, but enjoyable – all except for the separation of Rick & Kate. Which makes no sense. If you took that plotline out of this ep, no one would miss it and the ep would have gone just fine. So that means the show had no spark missing until it was forcibly removed.

What did you think of the episode? Do you want to see Mia return sometime, or did she stink? Let us know in the comments!