Reign, S3 E1- Three Queens, Two Tigers

Reign S3E01- "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

Welcome back to French court, royals! Reign is back for its third season, and the Mary vs. Elizabeth battle continues.

Reign S3E01- "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

Catherine de’ Medici, been backstabbing (literally and figuratively) since the 1500’s.

When we last left our royals, Mary and Francis exiled Catherine for kidnapping Lola and John. Not to mention making her own son believe his son was dead. Little do they know that Catherine is siding with the enemy, Queen Elizabeth (played by new series regular Rachel Skarsten).

With Catherine exiled, and the whole Francis/Mary/Condé love triangle kaput, everyone/everything is at peace around the castle. Mary and Francis are as close as they could ever be. They’ve even constructed a new daily “to do list” for themselves. It mainly involves loads of sex (and boat making on Francis’ part), but don’t these two deserve it now more then ever? All of the hostility between Francis and Mary is beneath them and their love for one another is renewed. While every ‘Frary’ fan and myself would love to live in these simple moments, we all know dark times are ahead. But for now – out of sight, out of mind.

Reign S3E01- "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

“Martin, are you more of a Captain Vane fan or Flint?”

Ever since the ordeal in the season two finale, France’s resources are scarce. In addition, the majority of Scotland’s catholic allies have turned against them. So who you gonna call? Pirates. Enter Martin de Lambert (Saamer Usmani), a flirtatious pirate who insists on marrying Greer in order for him to assist Scotland’s current downfall. With her husband still in prison and the hopes of ‘Greith’ reuniting diminished, she accepts. Greer being Greer, what begins as a simple task to help Scotland, ends up turning into a potential relationship. Martin is handsome, seems to be understanding, and with him being gone 10 months out of the year – no real commitment necessary. However, as it so happens, there ends up being a bit of a fib fest on Martin’s part. On the day of his departure, he confesses to Greer that he’s chosen another girl to wed instead of her. But this is a lie on top of a lie he tells all the girls in court, Lola explains later to Greer. Martin is in fact very single. As Martin heads out, the pair lock eyes and you just know that something will occur between these two at some point in the show. Who can resist a pirate, anyway?

Reign, S3E01- "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

Queen Elizabeth, England’s HBIC

Throughout the season premiere, we are shown glimpses of Elizabeth’s reign in England’s court. With a decoy Catherine in France, the real Catherine is free to serve as a form of an adviser to Mary’s enemy, Queen Elizabeth. The pair are rather quite a good team, as they both try and take Mary down. Several ideas come to mind, but only one can do the trick. Arrange for Elizabeth to marry Catherine’s other son, Charles (Spencer MacPherson). For those confused in regards to his age, Charles is now about 14, and not a young child like he has been portrayed in seasons prior. By marrying Charles, she would have the obvious rule over France when Charles would be appointed king. Second, with him being so young, she could totally continue to secretly have a relationship with her childhood friend (who’s totally married to someone else), Robert Dudley. The two certainly have chemistry, and I’m curious to see where their tryst takes them. Can’t be any good, given that a) Robert’s wife clearly knows about the affair, and b) she’s more than willing to stop it.

Back in Scotland, Mary and Francis are given a letter that explains the Charles and Elizabeth marriage proposal. Mary is pretty okay with this idea. At least there will still be one King ruling France, right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. It’s then that Francis comes clean about his declining health. Mary doesn’t want to believe a word of it. Surely there are physicians he can see, better medicine he can take? The pair later have a beautiful scene in the chapel; the fate of Francis’ life and their marriage finally sinking into both of their minds. At this time, all Francis wants to do is enjoy the time they have left (hence the boat making).

Reign S3E01- "Three Queens, Two Tigers"

It’s a pirate’s life, indeed.

Word gets out about the suicide of Catherine de’ Medici. Supposedly, she was so distraught over the accidental death of her lover that she took her own life. The decoy might have done so, but the real Catherine would never do such a thing. Mary realizes this and figures out that Catherine is Elizabeth’s new-found confidante. Francis and Mary manage to trick Catherine and Elizabeth to meet to what they think is uniting Elizabeth and Charles together. What actually takes place is Catherine being taken hostage for her betrayal. In a wooden cage with Martin’s pet tiger inside. As Catherine screams, afraid the tiger will attack, Mary remarks, “It’s hard to say which of you needs thicker bars, but I know he’ll suffer more.”

Other honorable mentions within this episode:

  • Narcisse asked Francis if he could officially court Lola. He declined the offer, stating to Lola that he doesn’t want Narcisse as a father figure for their son, John (because Francis is dying and won’t see John grow up! No, that is not okay. Don’t say that!). Good girl Lola says screw the rules and tries to form a “netflix and chill” relationship with Narcisse, but he declines! He’d much rather prove that she’s worth marrying over a casual relationship. These two are definitely growing on me; I never thought I’d say that.
  • Bash still has Delphine to worry about. Delphine is wanted for killing an innocent servant, only she didn’t do it. She sneaks into Bash’s room to explain that a monster is among us and he will kill again. Oh goodness, please don’t be Louis. Please don’t be Louis!

What were your thoughts on the season three premiere, 3.01: “Three Queens, Two Tigers”?

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Just thinking about Catherine hearing the horrible news of her son’s life expectancy is already causing me pain. Francis’ departure story-line is only going to get worse, isn’t it?

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