NYCC 2015: ‘X-Files’ Revival Panel Hints At What’s Out There

Okay, of course it’s the Truth that’s out there. But The X-Files panel at NYCC also gave us a few more details. Chris Carter, show creator and executive producer, promised a return to the show’s mythology (known by fans as the ‘mytharc’), in the first and final episodes. The four episodes in between will be standalone, and they will be written by such memorable writers as Darin Morgan and James Wong, to name a few.

Panel moderator (and guest star in the show’s upcoming six-episode run) Kumail Nanjiani also brought up the split between Mulder and Scully that we can expect to see in the revival. That’s a sore subject with me, and most other fans I know, but Nanjiani’s point that Fox Mulder would not be an easy man to be in a relationship with is a logical one, at least.

For clips from the panel, as well as an animated teaser, check out FOX’s Youtube channel, or watch David Duchovny and Mitch Pileggi talk about getting back into character below:

The X-Files will air starting January 24th on FOX. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments.