Jessica Jones is Everywhere

Marvel and Netflix continue to gear up for New York Comic Con by releasing more teaser trailers for the upcoming Jessica Jones. Over the past week three new video clips have been released, to introduce the new superhero properly to her awaiting fans. Not only teasers set fans ablaze – but also the hype surrounding the Jessica Jones panel at New York Comic Con surrounding their promotions.

The first of the three teasers was titled “Nightcap” and features our heroine, turning on some tunes around 7:54pm. The shot pans across the body-littered floor of blood and broken bottles to Jessica having a drink. At 11:57 Jessica is found taking a stroll in her Hell’s Kitchen surroundings, as shown in the second teaser, as well as giving viewers a taste of her flight power. Finally, the third trailer released so far this week hints at how dark and creepy the show might get. It sheds light on what Jessica is up to in the wee hours of the morning. Killgrave taunts Jessica in her daily activities, telling her he knows her secrets. He goes on to warn her that he knows about Jessica’s friends,  her “gifts,” and finally that he knows “everything.”

Marvel’s videos show that Jessica Jones will very well resemble the comics, at least artistically. Jessica Jones will take stage beside Marvel’s Daredevil Saturday with the cast of both series. Fans speculate another teaser trailer will drop Friday, with the actual trailer being revealed at Comic Con. The highly anticipated show will debut November 20 on Netflix with all 13 episodes.

Take a look at the videos below and tell us what your favorite is! And don’t forget to tune into With An Accent for your Jessica Jones New York Comic Con news!