Watch the chilling new Sherlock trailer

Sherlock Victorian Special trailer“The stage is set. The curtain rises. We are ready to begin,” Sherlock Holmes declares gravely at the beginning of the newly-released trailer of the Victorian-era Christmas Special.

This action-packed short clip is a real treat to fans. We get glimpses of the main cast in their Victorian garb, as they run around solving mysteries that seem to have something of the supernatural about them. It is a chilling sneak peek filled with shadowy figures disappearing into the mist, grisly murder scenes, frightened faces, and eerie, seemingly-haunted venues.

According to an article on The Guardian, showrunner Steven Moffat spoke about the darker, creepier tone of the special. He said:

“Ghost stories work better in a Victorian setting. This strand of Doyle original stories that are creepy and scary, and the chillers, we haven’t done much with in the modern show. But putting it back into Victorian times, you think it’s a chance to do a ghost story, really – a creepy, scary one.”

Moffat is no stranger to doing scary stories, writing some of the memorably creepier episodes of Doctor Who. We’ll see how he manages to use this approach with Sherlock at Christmas.

Check out the trailer below:

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