What to expect from Once Upon a Time’s Merlin

In an exclusive interview with HollywoodLife.com, British actor Elliot Knight discussed some details about his character in the ABC fairy-tale drama.
Elliot Knight Merlin Once Upon a TimeWe got our first glimpse of Merlin during a flashback to 1989 where he spoke to a young Emma Swan, warning her about resisting the temptation to do bad things. How he will appear in Camelot, the Enchanted Forest, or Storybrooke remains a mystery.

Knight told HollyWoodLife.com:

“Obviously, we know that Merlin is super important to what’s going to unfold in terms of events for Emma, who obviously has an impact on everyone. He’s definitely going to have an impact on everyone and everything.”

With the main characters having arrived in Camelot in search of the wizard, a long-awaited encounter with Merlin is forthcoming. Emma needs answers that only Merlin can provide about how she can defeat the darkness that threatens to consume her. But seeking the wizard may not be as straightforward as she thinks, and she will probably encounter various obstacles on her journey.

Knight added mysteriously:

“He’s very much tied to Camelot. A lot of the answers lie in Camelot. That doesn’t mean that he’s there, and I’m not saying that’s not true. If they want to find out where Merlin is, the answers are in Camelot.”

Beyond the events in Camelot, fans will also dig deeper into Merlin’s past which, according to Knight, will also entail going “deeper into the world of magic and all the realms that exist.”

On Merlin’s involvement in momentous events, Knight said: “Whenever he is around, stuff is going to go down. Be prepared for that. There is a lot of drama.”

Not surprisingly, Emma and Merlin are going to have a connection which will be revealed sometime during the season. How this will play out is sure to be an interesting journey for the fans.

Ultimately, despite his magical prowess, Merlin’s character is defined by his humanity, Knight said.

“He’s one of the most human people. He’s not above normal feelings or interactions with people or understanding people or frustrations. He’s very much bound by that. That’s also what makes him so powerful, I would think.”

Watch out for Merlin on Once Upon a Time which airs every Sunday on ABC.