The brain behind ‘iZombie’, Rob Thomas, explains Season 2

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iZombie Season 2 1Last season finale saw the explosion of Meat Cute, Blaine’s pride and joy of a brain lover’s restaurant. People were turned into zombies (Major, although briefly) and into humans (Blaine). And with Liv’s brother, Evan, having serious damages from Meat Cute’s explosion, he’s in need of new blood stat! Fortunately, he has a blood match. Unfortunately, it’s Liv. The first season ends and we’re left with so many questions that only more episodes can provide.

While we still have about a week before the season premiere, executive producer Rob Thomas, graciously teased/spoiled several things to expect from your favorite characters.

According to Thomas, Liv is not exactly everyone’s favorite person when the show kicks off three months later. Since Liv can’t get blood drawn without the doctors knowing something’s up, it’s unlikely she ends up helping her brother out. As for Major, he’s on the “avoiding Liv” list (which also includes her family and Peyton). But of course, Liv needs Major’s help in confirming her alibi to Clive, who has taken up the “Meat Cute explodes” case.

Human!Blaine seems more serious.

Human!Blaine seems more serious.

Many fans are wondering what Blaine will be like as a zombie-turned-human. Rob mentions this about Blaine’s transformation: “He’s loving the food. He enjoys gloating when he runs into Liv. There are some things that he misses, but he would absolutely vote for human if given the choice. And so, he’s pretty pleased with where he is as he starts the season.” The Meat Cute may be no more, but that won’t keep Blaine’s spirits down. He continues to have a thriving business, we’re just currently in the dark about it. Could he be going back to his old drug dealing days? With the announcement of Blaine’s father, played by Robert Knepper, I’m most excited to see their family dynamic play out and what that brings to the show.

Rob Thomas continues to talk about various other upcoming story-lines for the zombie show’s sophomore season. For instance, we’ll be getting more of a glimpse into Clive’s home life. One thing we won’t be getting (just yet anyway) is a Blaine/Liv romance. Sure, they are/were zombies, but at the end of the day, they still very much despise each other (Liv mostly with that fact). But with the Max Rager’s owner all bent on taking care of Seattle’s zombie problem, Blaine and Liv will certainly have to team up to stop him.

What are you most looking forward to in iZombie‘s second season?

iZombie premieres Tuesday October 6th at 9/8c on the CW. Brain on!