Merida, Camelot, and more in the Once Upon a Time premiere

OUAT Merida sneak peekIn a newly released sneak peek of Once Upon a Time‘s season premiere, the newly-dark Emma Swan comes face to face with the Brave princess Merida while both are chasing a will o’ the wisp. Merida is immediately distrustful of Emma and calls the latter a witch after Emma uses her powers to try and stop Merida from getting away. They both need the magical item badly and the red-haired archer challenges Emma to a fair fight for it (meaning, no magic.)

This is just one of the exciting scenes we have to look forward to in the first episode of season five, which will be focusing on Emma’s struggles to control the darkness within her. Several other intriguing elements will come into play during the episode, some details of which were revealed in an article on TV Over Mind.

Other than Merida’s introduction into the show, we can also expect more new characters in the form of King Arthur and his knights (though we already met Lancelot back in Season 2.) Camelot will be somehow tied to the fairy tale show’s main story so more characters from Arthurian mythology will make an appearance this season, including Lady Guinevere and the great wizard, Merlin.

Once Upon a Time Dark SwanWhile Mr. Gold remains in a coma in Storybrooke, Robert Carlyle will still be present in the premiere as his flamboyant alter ego, Rumpelstiltskin, who will surely cause some serious mischief. Captain Hook is still worrying about Emma’s succumbing to the darkness and is determined to bring her back to the light side. Emma herself will struggle to understand her new powers and the price she has to pay for acquiring them.

Once Upon a Time returns tonight on ABC.

Check out the sneak peek below: