Houston, We Have Jessica Jones Official Photos

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

Marvel’s Jessica Jones released their first official images today. The set of five photographs shows the series’ main characters, giving a glimpse of what to expect in November. The first photo shows Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones on a subway. Maybe she’s working on a case and following someone? Rachael Taylor playing as Trish Walker appears in the second image, sitting in a messy bedroom with Jessica, who looks like she is in an almost catatonic state. Could fighting her inner personal demons and that of New York City simply be too much for our ex-superhero? Image three shows Mike Colter as Luke Cage tending bar. Image four displays David Tennant’s villainous Killgrave, with just the slightest hint of purple in view by way of his scarf. What horrible things is he cooking up? Last but not least, the fifth photograph shows Jessica and Carrie-Anne Moss’ Harper having an important discussion while going for a walk.

These Jessica Jones images come as the hype continues to grow after the teaser trailer release last week. It is only eclipsed by the promise of the first panel featuring the cast of Marvel’s Jessica Jones at New York Comicon October 10, where some fans hope to finally see a trailer as well as get the scoop on all the behind the scenes secrets. Or at least what the tight lipped cast will be allowed to tell. Marvel’s head of television, Jeph Loeb, will lead the panel as they look back at Daredevil and forward to Jessica Jones. With An Accent will be in attendance, so stay tuned to hear all about the inner details reveled at the October panel.

Jessica Jones is the second in Netflix’s upcoming Marvel series, and it will be followed by Luke Cage. The premiere date is set for November 20. Based on Marvel’s Alias series, Jessica is an ex-superhero who becomes a private investigator in order to leave her superhero life behind her. But can running from her past really solve anything?

Take a look at the photographs below. What do you think of these photos? Do they fuel your excitement for Netflix’s new series?

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