Once Upon a Time creators share more about the Dark Swan

Rumple and Emma OUAT S5Once Upon a Time executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis revealed more details about the upcoming season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

As we already know, the first half of the season will tackle Emma’s struggle with the Darkness consuming her. Horowitz and Kitsis added that there will be no time travel element this time around, as they had already tried that at the end of season 3. The question about Rumple’s presence training Emma will be answered in the first episode.

Emma’s journey will lead to exploring some intriguing new territory, including the origins of the Dark One. Kitsis said:

“Emma was sort of like Dorothy taking us to Oz in season one. Emma is going to be taking us into the Dark One and the Dark One mythology, and we are going to learn this first half of the season who the original Dark One was, what made them tick, and why there is even a Dark One to begin with.”

This arc also allowed the writers to go deeper into Emma Swan’s character. They also hinted that the possession of the Dark One’s dagger (and the ability to control the Dark One) would be an interesting aspect of the story. Kitsis said:

“I would say who you trust with the dagger is an interesting thing. You want to trust the person who has your best interests at heart, but in the same respect, who would you say has the ability to unplug the machine? Meaning who’s the person that’s going to make the right decision at the right time?”

Some characters who would have trouble dealing with Emma’s transformation include Hook, Snow, and Charming. The producers said that Hook, while he may be tempted by the darkness Emma now possesses, will be focusing on saving the woman he loves. Emma’s parents have the same goal in mind, but may have different ideas on how to achieve this.

Horowitz and Kitsis concluded mysteriously that Emma may not be getting revenge on people who have wronged her family, because they may perhaps be the ones who have wronged her.

“The fight to control my darkness has just begun,” Emma Swan says gravely in the season premiere trailer, which also features new additions to the cast – King Arthur and his knights, and Brave princess Merida.

Once Upon a Time season 5 debuts Sept. 27 on ABC.

Check out the trailer for the season premiere below: