Scream, S1 E10- Revelations

Scream S1 E10- Revelations
Scream S1 E10- Revelations


Season finales: they’re always jam-packed with emotion, dramatic monologues, and the occasional action sequence. And it’s Scream, so expect a few kills, close calls, and of course, the reveal of the Killer.

Prior to the finale, MTV paid tribute to the late Wes Craven. The tribute itself was short and sweet, put together with only days notice. Wes Craven, you will deeply be missed and remembered always.

As any gory projected live video of the town’s sheriff would do, the mood’s been killed, the Halloween dance party-goers have dispersed, and Emma’s left with more questions than answers. Word quickly gets out about Branson’s escape and the clearly staged mess he left behind. Emma’s mom leaves to check it out, leaving our final girl alone. Not quite – Noah catches up with her and tries to figure out where the live feed is coming from. No luck. Even worse luck: neither have gotten a hold of Kieran or Audrey. The one person that always calls at the worst of times, however, rings Emma’s phone. After what I hope is a promise to herself to never answer ‘unknown’ calls after tonight, Em picks up. The Killer promises how this big finale is going to be gut-wrenching. I love the meta humor in poking fun at season finales. I hope the second season does the same with premiere episodes. Noah, start writing down your monologues.

Scream S1 E10- Revelations

Being the town’s ‘Survivor Girl’ is such hard work! Can I trade roles with someone?

Emma heads to the police station to meet up with her Mom, to try and get any sort of clues out of her. How about the wooden shaped heart that Brandon James gave her years ago? After the gross fact that she found it in the dead guy’s mouth, Maggie mentions that Brandon would always leave gifts for her at the tree by her old house. Good news: they’re successful in finding Sheriff Clark Hudson. Bad news: as Maggie unties him, his intestines spill out. Can some doctor (or murderer) explain to me how that’s possible? The guy was still alive prior to the untying of the ropes, right? Did this death confuse anyone or was it just me? Regardless, the Killer did say tonight was going to be ‘gut-wrenching’. Season 2 killer, I hope you’re just as ‘punny’. Of course at the sign of danger, Piper arrives all shocked and horrified. Emma asks her to go to Brooke’s party and check on everyone. Um, are you sure that’s a good idea, Emma? Excluding my “Piper is the killer” theory, she should be on red alert at this point, thinking that everyone is the culprit until proven otherwise. But alas, Piper goes and I get anxious and worried for Brooke and her guests.

At Maddox Manor, Brooke’s a little annoyed that none of her real friends showed up. It’s not like she has many options these days (they’re either already dead or trying not to become dead) anyway. She makes an unlikely ally in Audrey Jensen, the only other person present that’s having as crappy of a time as she is. To be honest, I’m only including this scene in this recap/review for the reason that these two are so gosh darn shippable. Writers, give them more scenes together in season two!

Scream S1 E10- Revelations

Look, a clue! A clue! The Killer must be around here somewhere.

Using his knowledge of technology, Noah finds out that the reason Emma can’t get in contact with anyone, is because the killer shut off cellphone notifications all over town. Well, that sounds tedious. Like in every slasher film, the signal is coming from Brooke’s house. And away to the party they go. Emma has to calm poor Noah down, who insists that he’s going to die. “Because you’re the ‘Survivor Girl’ and I’m just the know-it-all sidekick. Oh crap, I’m gonna die.” Not in Emma’s TV show, he doesn’t. “Tonight we change the ending.”

Brooke’s found by Jake, raiding her father’s wine cellar. It’s not like he’s going to miss it, who knows how long he’ll be stuck in jail. She apologizes for thinking it was him spying on her via webcam before. Funny thing, it was. He tries to play it off like he was protecting her (“Protecting what? My boobs?”) from whoever reinstalled the malware, but Brooke isn’t having it. Run away and buy a “Sorry I saw you naked” card or something, Jake. As if one stupid love interest is bad, who would come banging on Brooke’s door but Seth, alleged criminal and possible murderer? He claims it was a set up, but Brooke isn’t buying it. It could also be the fact that she’s finally come to the realization that dating her teacher is gross, man. He doesn’t have time for a rebuttal, since the patio lights flicker on and off. In his place is the Killer themselves. On survival mode, she runs to her family’s garage again (another nod at Tatum Riley?) and hides in the same freezer that she saw her father dumping a body in. Hope someone’s cleaned it since. Actress Carlson Young absolutely killed this scene (no pun intended). It doesn’t take long before the killer finds her and randomly stabs sides of the freezer, hoping one will be a success. Seeing the terror in Brooke, makes me realize how deeply I (and I assume the other viewers) now care about all of these characters. I cringed at the thought of Brooke not making it out of that freezer alive. Spoiler alert: she does.

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