Scotland’s Queen Will Fall as Shown in Reign’s Season 3 Trailer

Reign-Queen Elizabeth

Welcome, Queen Elizabeth I. May you create loads of drama and become everyone’s problematic fave!

Last season, we only got one brief scene of Rachel Skarsten’s portrayal of the infamous Queen Elizabeth I.  But that’s all about to change come the third season of Reign. The CW released a short trailer titled “Elizabeth Cometh” a week ago, which can be viewed below.

“England is still a threat,” Mary tells Francis at the beginning of the trailer. Oh boy is that ever true, with both Queens Catherine and Elizabeth trying to take Mary down. Elizabeth wants Mary to “feel her wrath” and that just might occur. Fortunately, Mary has Francis on her side, but with the season two finale reveal of his illness, for how long? “I will help you, for as long as I can,” Francis explains to Mary. Yeah, I don’t think she knows what that actually implies.

“Scotland’s queen will fall,” Catherine assures Elizabeth. Could the writers be referring to Mary’s ultimate demise by Elizabeth’s hand? Or are they trying to mislead us and kill off Francis sooner rather then later?

With the recent update that Reign will only have 18 episodes this season instead of its usual 22, anything is possible.

What are you most looking forward to Reign this season? Or is there anything about the periodical drama that is making you hesitant?

Reign‘s third season premieres on its new night, Friday October 9th at 9/8c.

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