Agent Peggy Carter Ready For Season Two

Peggy CarterProduction for season two of ABC’s Agent Carter is underway. Confirmed by Agent Peggy Carter herself, Hayley Atwell tweeted that the gang was back filming on August 31. Of course with the usual pranks and antics already in full bloom such as wrapping everything in paper. Then yesterday, Marvel tweeted a picture from the set featuring the new head of the Strategic Scientific Reserve is no other than Daniel Sousa who is quite fond of our girl.

Thankfully this sounds like good news for Peggy who will be facing her share of new bad guys this season, and is set to return during the Agents of Shield winter hiatus in 2016. With new villains announced for season two like HYDRA’s favorite scientist Dr. Zola, a newcomer Madam Masque, and the promise of more comic inspired bad guys, the awaiting season promises to take on a darker note.

Those of you familiar with Marvelverse will know that Madam Masque originally comes from the ‘60s, so Agent Peggy Carter SetCarter will be tweaking the time lines in order to make her more of a ‘40s diva with at least a change in look. Madam Masque aka Betty Frost may be known as a bad girl but sometimes her heart has a weakness and she does the right thing by saving the world. One thing is for sure though: the utter brilliance of her character, who is a well-known marksman, fighter, strategist and robotics expert. Although Madam Masque has been cast, lips are sealed on who the role will be filled by.

This season also has expanded, upgrading from eight episodes to ten, hopefully allowing for more of Peggy’s private life to be depicted. Especially considering how producers have alluded to Peggy moving on with her love life and finally releasing Captain America’s hold on her heart. Not only has the season expanded but Peggy is also undergoing a change of scenery, moving cross country from New York to Hollywood.

What do you think of the season two’s changes? Are you excited for the new adventure?