Get a Sneak Peek at Ryan and Esposito’s ‘Castle’ Music Video

TV Guide has released a sneak peek from the special features on the season 7 Castle DVD set (which is out today!), and it’s pretty darn amazing: a clip of Ryan and Esposito’s “Definition of Love” music video. (Remember the song they said they wrote for Castle and Beckett’s wedding? This is it!) Take a look – it’s well worth a minute of your time.

And if that isn’t enough delightful news, there’s more music coming from our boys. According to TV Guide,

If that simply whets your appetite, you’re in luck. Dever and Huertas have officially teamed together to form Shay-Jean and plan to release a full album! “Definition of Love” will be available for download on Sept. 18.

Castle‘s eighth season begins Monday September 21, at 10pm on ABC.

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