Scream, S1 E9- The Dance

Scream S1 E9- The Dance
Scream S1 E9- The Dance

Audrey Jensen, are you the Killer? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure you just killed everyone from your perfect Halloween costume. *swoons*

The School Dance is considered a crucial event in just about any teen-geared film, novel, and television show. Add a horrifying killer on the loose, and you got yourself a perfect possible-murder location. Or in Scream‘s case, the ideal place to snoop and discuss in depth who the Killer could be, while simultaneously dancing.

At the beginning of the episode, we’re shown a flashback from a year ago. The hooded figure could very well be the present Killer. They easily sneak past a security guard in the Lakewood Muncipal Records building and steal the Brandon James mask from Evidence. I guess that’s where it all started. Cue the dramatic music!

Forward to present day and it’s Halloween time. There are pumpkin decorations, talks of the upcoming Halloween Dance, and it’s also the 20th anniversary of the Brandon James murders. But the town of Lakewood has bigger and more present murders to be concerned about. Like the fact that Seth Branson (um, Palmer) is now behind bars. Sheriff Clark has tried to get him to admit to something, but he’s all, “that’s not my knife!” Not even our Final Girl, Emma Duval, could get him to confess to any crime. All she got out of him was a creepy, “Hello, Emma”. The interrogation being Em’s idea, she tried to see if Seth could in fact be her half-sibling. Aside from him diffusing the notion that he murdered Will and the others, he’s no help. For a matter of updates: his shouldn’t-be-lady-friend, Brooke, is doing just fine. She spends the episode staying at Jake’s house, until she realizes that someone has been secretly filming her via her laptop’s webcam. Thinking it’s another one of Jake’s sleazeball moves, she bolts to return home. With no parental figures present, she plans an epic house party, which I assume we will see loads of in the season finale.

Scream S1 E9- The Dance

Where there’s a slasher horror TV series, there’s a supposed “kooky” elderly person.

Once Noah gets wind of Brandon and Maggie’s sexual encounter together from Emma, he nerds out like no other. I can see his reasoning; it is quite the plot twist even for us (the viewers). Emma wants Noah and Audrey to dig up as much information on this as possible and report back. “The Bicurious and the Virgin are on it!” Noah actually says (and I squeal with giddiness). Noah adorably gets flustered as Piper walks in and hears the pair’s mantra. “I’m not actually a virgin.” Nice save, Noah. Once alone, Piper explains to Emma her difficulty in talking to Cassie James, Brandon James’ mother, for her weekly podcast. Now knowing Cassie’s whereabouts, Emma asks to visit her.

In most slasher horror films/TV shows, there’s always that one elderly person that always speaks in riddles or is personified as “peculiar” or “strange”. That’s Cassie James. Not only does she confuse Emma for Maggie/Daisy, she sings the creepy ‘Daisy’ song. However, when asked if the name of ‘Brandon’s boy’ was Seth, Cassie nods. Seth’s the “confirmed” killer and everyone can all breathe a sigh of relief….Yeah, it wouldn’t be a Scream episode if there was a happy ending. Thinking all the horribleness is behind her, Emma begins to plan her Halloween dance date with Kieran, complete with awkward couples costumes.

Scream S1 E9- The Dance

“‘C’est la vie’, say the old folks,
it goes to show you never can tell”

Kieran and Emma take on Pulp Fiction‘s Vincent Vegan and Mia Wallace. The episode itself even pays tribute to the film’s famous dance scene. Prior to the dance itself, everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo, Noah and Audrey, look over some of Rachel’s un-edited videos. They were surprised to find Kieran speaking to a very much alive Nina Patterson. Which begs the questions: How did Kieran and Nina know each other? Is Kieran the killer? With this knowledge, Kieran immediately makes the top of Audrey’s “Do Not Trust” list. Let’s sort through all the facts: 1) Kieran showed up to Lakewood the same day of Nina’s murder. 2) There’s actual footage of Kieran speaking with Nina herself. 3) Who would Kieran instantly bond with (let alone kiss) but potential final girl, Emma Duval. So, if the shoe fits? Not in Emma’s eyes. After Audrey warns her of Kieran’s possible dark ways, she fails to see the connection. I guess for Emma she needs to actually witness him kill someone for her to believe. Wait for the finale, Ems, that just might happen.

Scream S1 E9- The Dance

Noah: “I was gonna be The Babadook, but then my Mom made this cape. I couldn’t break her heart.”

During the dance, Sheriff Clark is M.I.A. and not answering any of Maggie’s calls/texts. That is due to him being surprise! hit on the back of the head by the actual Brandon James mask-wearing Killer. It’s worth noting that Kieran was late to the dance. Could his pit stop have been to take care of the sheriff, his biological father? All signs may point to yes. After being confronted by this theory, Kieran storms off. What happens to play minutes later, but a corrupted video from the Killer of a gagged and not well, Sheriff Hudson. Piper also crashes the dance to tell Emma that she visited Cassie James again. When shown a photo of Kieran, she recognized him as Brandon’s son. Uh, Uh.

Meanwhile at the Lakewood police office, it’s been reported that Seth Branson/Palmer has escaped his cell and is armed and dangerous. How dangerous? Well, we’re shown a bloody trail leading from the cell down the hallway, and a badly injured (if not dead) cop, leaning outside the now wide-open cell. The scene is so gory, I thought I was watching Cabin in the Woods for a split second. Mr. Branson/Palmer, I don’t think you’ll be winning any Teacher of the Year awards anytime soon. You could try transferring to Rosewood, they might be in need of a new English teacher.

What did you think of 1.09: “The Dance”?

Lakewood Body Count

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont

Kelly’s Killer Suspects

  • Piper Shaw: Still wholeheartedly believe that she’s either the half-sibling or the Killer. Her suddenly being friends with Emma and randomly running to her with information just seems so fishy. Plus, she still has yet to be a suspect among any of the characters. No one would suspect it! And I’ll say it again: she fits the potential age that Brandon’s child might be now. Her father was murdered for a crime he didn’t commit. The only minor setback is Cassie James claiming Kieran is the son. Who’s to say, Piper never visited her that third time? The video that was shown during the dance, could have been a pre-taped recording, too. I could go on and on with my “Piper is the Killer” theory.
  • Kieran Wilcox: Already mentioned most of the reasons throughout the recap/review.
  • Seth Branson/Palmer: The guy (potentially) just killed a cop and escaped from jail. He could easily murder others.

Next episode’s the Season 1 Finale. And yes, the Killer will be revealed! 1.10: “Revelations” airs Tuesday at 10/9c on MTV. The trailer can be viewed below.

I’m so excited! And so scared! Who’s the Killer?

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